Apr 28th 2017 02:50pm

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Card Results

Pro Wrestling TV

Sep 01 2016 · Body Progression Gym · Bristow

Brandon Groom def. Lockdown (w/ Stevie Caballero)

Rob Cabella def. Luke Grayson and Skyler Fayden in a Triple Threat match

Christopher Dean def. Urn Stokes

Spyder def. Ray Martinez (w/ Rachel Starz)

Cody Burns (w/ Bobby Burns & C. M. Burnham) def. Skyler Fayden

Gavin Dixon (w/ Mike Iles & Stevie Caballero) def. Nathan Estrada

Kobra Kai & PWTV Junior Heavyweight Champion The Canadian Red Devil def. The Mexicans (Mr. Chale & Voltio Santiao)

Brandon Groom def. Gavin Dixon (w/ Mike Iles & Stevie Caballero)

Skylar Slice def. Phoebe

Spyder won the Brawl For All Battle Royal

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