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Card Results

Omni Wrestling Productions

Feb 26 2006 · The Hive · Tulsa

2006 Rock & Roll Cup Tag Team Tournament

Quarter Finals:
Bret Thunder & Skitzo def. Seth Allen & Aaron Neil

Hector Navarro & El Latino def. Spectre & Se7en

Ricky Morton & Aaron Armor def. Dexter Hardaway & Kenny Campbell (w/ Leather)

Impact, Inc. (John Zorthos & Bernie Donderwitz) def. Scott Murdoch & Mark Manson

Ricky Morton & Aaron Armor def. Impact, Inc.

Bret Thunder & Skitzo def. Hector Navarro & El Latino

Ricky Morton & Aaron Armor def. Bret Thunder & Skitzo for the 2006 Rock & Roll Cup.

In Non-Tournament Matches:
Cody Jones (w/ Tom Jones) def. Mitch Carter

Crystal Lights def. Shane Matthews in an Intergender Match

Chase Stevens def. OWP Mid-South Champion Tracy Smothers (w/ Leather) for the title

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