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Card Results

Nightmare Xtreme Wrestling

Mar 11 2011 · El Rodeo Event Center · Tulsa

Results from "Dangerous Blood":

In qualifying matches for the Triple Threat Match to determine the 1st NXW Anarchy Champion:

Das Karnage def. Drake Gallows and Bobby Star in a TLC Match

Jeff Standards (w/ Vinnie the Guido) def. Michael H

Chris Chaos def. Khris Kannon (w/ Jessica Journey) in a Submission Match

In Non-Tournament Matches:

Gangrel, Shane Morbid, Super Skunk Ape, Jr. and Sam Stackhouse were the 4 finalists in a Gold Rush Rumble, which allowed them to compete in the main event for the NXW Championship

Tyson Jaymes, John E. Stone & James Stevens def. Devan Scott, The Bigg Dogg & Rick Russo

Brandon Moxley & Se7en def. Crisstopher Crow & Tyson Jaymes

The Shadows of Death (The Masked Martyr & The Shadow of Death) def. The Max & Maniac Mike

Shane Morbid def. Sam Stackhouse, Super Skunk Ape, Jr. and Gangrel in a 4-Way/Elimination/Extreme Rules Match to become the 1st NXW Champion

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