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Card Results

National Wrestling Alliance-Full Throttle Action

Dec 17 2011 · Municipal Auditorium · Shawnee

-"Xtreme Christmas" Results-

In a tournament to crown the 1st NWA-FTA Champion:

Quarter Finals:

Carnage def. Dakota Storm
Al Farat def. Li'l Joe
The Canadian Red Devil def. Allan Jefferies
Tom Donovan def. Matt Garza


Al Farat def. The Canadian Red Devil by Reverse Decision
Carnage def. Tom Donovan


Carnage def. Al Farat to become the 1st NWA-FTA Champion

In Non-Tournament Matches:

The Clockwork Clique (Sam Stackhouse & Crossfire Morrison) def. Nathan Cruz & Buck Wyld

Se7en won a Battle Royal to become the #1 contender to the NWA-FTA Title

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