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Card Results

New Mid-South

Feb 22 2002 · New Mid-South Arena · Oklahoma City

The following were advertised for the event but no results are known.

NMS Champion Striker defends the title against New Dr. X

Also advertised as appearing:
NMS Tag Team Champions The Dawg Pound (Tom Jones & Bad Boy)
NMS Hardcore Champion Se7en
NMS Tri-State Champion Brad Michaels
NMS Cruiserweight Champion K. C.
Smash Hansen
Michael James (w/ Mia James)
The Legacy
The Old School Assassins

Feb 09 2002 · Middle School Gym · Hugo

The following matches were advertised, but no results are known:

The Honky Tonk Man (w/ Tommy D) vs. The Oklahoma Striker in a match where Tommy D was handcuffed to Nuthouse Fargo and if Honky Tonk Man lost, he would had to leave Oklahoma!

Jesse Guerrero vs. Anthony Wayne

Shane Sommers vs. Chris Matthews

Rick Garrett vs. The Blonde Bomber

Michael Faith vs. Viper 2nd

Mike Graham, Joe Renfro, Jeff Burchfield and Jerry Gaither, Jr. in a Tag Team match where they would be paired by a Blind Draw

Dec 02 2001 · New Mid-South Arena · Oklahoma City

The following were advertised for the event but no results are known.

The Dawg Pound (Tom Jones & Bad Boy) vs. The Family (Michael James & Rick Valentine) for the NMS Tag Team Titles

Michael Faith vs. Se7en for the NMS Hardcore Title

K. C. Fields vs. Tyler Bateman for the NMS Cruiserweight Title

Also advertised as appearing:
The Luchadores
The Old School Assassins
Jason Sanchez

Mar 19 2000 · ??? · Oklahoma City

The Texas Outlaw def. The Midnight Outlaw

Damian Kincade def. The Blonde Bomber

Overdose def. Slayer by DQ

Dark Angel and Bad Boy wrestled to a draw

Big Dog and Doug the Thug wrestled to a No-Contest

Slash def. Bryan Cruize

Jan 23 2000 · ??? · Oklahoma City

Slash def. Havoc

The Bad Boy def. Jimmy Cruize by DQ

Lennie Lawless def. Minion

Tribal Force def. The Commission

Dark Angel def. NMS Champion Studd Lee for the title

Dec 31 1999 · ??? · Oklahoma City

The Roc-N-Roll Cowboy def. Slayer

Bryan Cruize def. Michael Faith

Tom Jones def. NMS Oklahoma Champion Slash by DQ

NMS Mid-South Tag Team Champions Rick Garrett & Eli the Eliminator def. The Trojans (Trojan 1 & Trojan 2) by reverse decision

Dec 19 1999 · ??? · Oklahoma City

Jef Tiger and Airman Archer wrestled to a No-Contest

Striker def. Slayer by DQ

Miss Venom & Havoc def. The Roc-N-Roll Cowboy & Georgette by DQ

Dark Angel def. NMS Champion Studd Lee by DQ

Slash won the NMS Oklahoma Title in a Triple Threat match over Tom Jones and Lennie Lawless

Jimmy Cruize & The Trojans (Trojan 1 & Trojan 2) def. Bryan Cruize & NMS Mid-South Tag Team Champions Rick Garrett & Eli the Eliminator

Nov 21 1999 · ??? · Oklahoma City

Slayer def. The Oklahoma Kid 2

The Texas Outlaw, Bull Bradley & Overdose def. Tribal Force & Rick Valentine by DQ

Slash def. Tom Jones

The Trojans (Trojan 1 & Trojan 2) and Rick Garrett & Eli the Eliminator wrestled to a no-contest

Miss Venom & Havoc def. Kelly Laroux & The Roc-N-Roll Cowboy

Jimmy Cruize def. Bryan Cruize in a Handcuff match

Apr 01 1999 · Diamondback Saloon · Lawton

The Dark Angel def. Sean Archer

**Incomplete Card Results**

Apr 02 1992 · ??? · Newcastle

The Lawless Smasher & The Wild Maverick wrestled to a draw

Country Boy Kell def. Skullcrusher by forfeit

Oklahoma Kid 2 def. Sgt. Hardcore

Red Eagle & Standing Bear def. T. C. Gold & Randy Jackson

Treach Phillips, Jr. def. The Rock (Not the WWF Wrestler)

Rick Garrett def. The Tennessee Bulldog

Shawn Summers & The Grim Reaper vs. Tom Jones & Dex Deaton ended in a Double DQ

Mar 01 1992 · Central Plaza Hotel · Oklahoma City

T. C. Gold def. Fast Eddie

Mike Bantenburg def. Jim Evans

Dex Deaton def. The Grim Reaper by DQ

Country Boy Kell def. The Skull Crusher by DQ

Rick Valentine, Standing Bear, & Red Eagle def. Steve Little, Ragin Cajun, & Roughhouse Randy when Eagle pinned Cajun

The Oklahoma Kid 2nd def. Treach Phillips, Jr.

Slash & Bash def. Wild Maverick & Rick Garrett

Tom Jones def. Shawn Summers

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