Dec 15th 2017 11:14pm

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Card Results

Mid-States Wrestling

Oct 11 2014 · Civic Center · Miami

MStW Southern Tag Team Champions, WFC Tag Team Champions, and MSWA Mid-South Tag Team Champions The K. C. Wolves (Graham Bell & Luke Langley) def. Matt Majestic & MSWA Oklahoma Champion Spike Lopez

Tim Rockwell def. Jonathan Cross

ComPro Showtime Champion Patient Zero (w/ Nurse Sanity) def. The Canadian Red Devil

Dustin Heritage def. Michael Barry by DQ

SRPW United States Champion Paul Puertorico & SRPW Champion Psycho Sawyer def. Cody Burns & Diamond

UWE Champion Fuel def. Anarchy 2nd, The Mercenary, & UWE United States Champion and WFC Hometown Heroes Champion Robert Lee in a Fatal 4-Way UWE Championship Match

The Canadian Red Devil won a 20-Man Battle Royal

Feb 25 2012 · Civic Center · Miami

Independent Wrestling International Champion Dustin Heritage (w/ Katy) def. The Canadian Red Devil. MStW Acting commissioner Jason Jones ordered a rematch between the two later that night.

Mitch Baxter def. Se7en in a Table Match

Rick Russo def. S. L. U. G. G.

Michael Barry def. Dutch Hagen

Southern Tag Team Champions The Spine Busters (Tim Rockwell & Cast-Iron Cothern, w/ Stevie Caballero) def. Brandon Walker & X-Cal

The Canadian Red Devil (w/ Butch Reed) def. Independent Wrestling International Champion Dustin Heritage (w/ Katy) for the title

Michael Barry won a 9-Man Battle Royal

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