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Championship Xtreme Wrestling

Aug 12 2006 · Roller World Bingo Hall · Guthrie

Trailer Park Trash (J.C. & K.C.) vs. The American Bad Boys (Glen Steel & Bad Boy) ended in a No Contest due to outside interference by The New Age Syndicate (Shawn Sanders & Scott Sanders)

Shane Morbid def. Beau Dalton (w/ Tommy D), Kareem Sadat (w/ Mustafa Sharmoot), and Bernard Funk in a Fatal 4-Way Hardcore Match to become the #1 contender to the CXW X-Core Title

Timothy J. Rockwell def. Paul Linam and Cast-Iron Cothern (w/ Boss Campbell) in a Triple Threat Last Man Standing Match to become the 1st CXW X-Core Champion

Prophet def. 3rd Rail in a Lumberjack Match to become to the 1st CXW Champion

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