Dec 15th 2017 11:22pm

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Christian Wrestling Federation

Jan 07 2009 · Crosspointe Church · Norman

Son of Thunder def. CWF Tag Team Champion Hillbilly Ron

The Canadian Red Devil def. CWF Tag Team Champion Hillbobby Graham

CWF Champion Ryan Heart def. Poco Loco

Jesus Freak & CWF Tag Team Champions The Hillbillies (Hillbilly Ron & Hillbobby Graham) def. Johnny Barnes, Son of Thunder & CWF Champion Ryan Heart. As a result of a prematch stipulation, Jesus Freak became the new CWF Champion.

Jan 26 2002 · Cathedral of Praise Church · Oklahoma City

Apocalypse & Tim Storm def. Tommy Impact & Chris Powers

Angel def. A. J. Styles

Apocalypse def. Esau Maximus

Angel def. Jonah in a Hair Match

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The Scoop

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