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Card Results

Christian Wrestling Entertainment

Oct 15 2005 · John Q. Hammons Arena at the Union Multi-Purpose Activities Center · Tulsa

Shark Boy def. Delirious and The Amazing Blue in a Triple Threat Match

El Dragon Fantastico def. Caprice Coleman

Vordell Walker def. Matt Stryker (w/ Les Thatcher)

Matt Morgan (w/ Jim Cornette) def. Timmy J and Jet Asher in separate $10,000 Gauntlet Challenge matches. The third match of the gauntlet between Morgan and Brandon Groom, was stopped by CWE Road Agent Terry Taylor, who was then chokeslammed by Morgan

Chris Sabin def. Matt Sydal

A. J. Styles def. Petey Williams and Jimmy Yang in a Triple Threat Match to become the first CWE Champion

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