May 29th 2017 02:03pm

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Card Results

Best Mexican Lucha Libre

May 27 2017 · Body Progression Gym · Tulsa

Lobo Gris def. Darkness

El Greengo Loco def. Kyle King

Ray Martinez def. Christopher Dean

Green Dragon def. Poder Oriental in a No Rules Lucha

Christopher Dean def. Karnage (w/ Naomi)

Mascara Purpura & El Hijo del Ciclon Ramirez def. Brandon Groom & El Hijo del Fishman in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

Apr 29 2017 · Body Progression Gym · Tulsa

Karnage (w/ Naomi) def. El Greengo Loco

Kenneth Caine def. Talon Luck

Green Dragon def. BMLL Champion Poder Oriental

Team Dean Machine (Christopher Dean & Jerry Dean) def. Master Chief & Lobo Gris (w/ Rachel Starz)

Spyder def. Brandon Groom and Sky in a Triple Threat Elimination Match

Apr 15 2017 · Body Progression Gym · Tulsa

El Greengo Loco def. Jeremy Pryger

Christopher Dean def. Karnage

Poder Oriental def. Lobo Gris and Master Chief (w/ Rachel Starz) in a Triple Threat Match to become the inaugural BMLL Champion

Sgt. Stone def. Talon Luck

Sky (w/ Naomi Sanders) def. Spyder

Jun 13 2015 · Plaza de Santa Cecilia · Tulsa

Paul Puertorico & Brandon Groom def. Mitch Baxter & Brian Breaker

Brock Landers def. Mr. DDT

Poder Oriental & Orus def. Doberman [2nd] & Convicto in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

Lobo Gris & Angel Dorado, Jr. def. Trueno, Jr. & Skye Atreyo in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

Mascara Purpura & El Burro def. Bengali & Defunto Primero in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

May 09 2015 · Plaza de Santa Cecilia · Tulsa

The following matches were advertised, but no results are known:

The Bash Brothers (Ethan Cole & Trey Cole) vs. Paul Puertorico & Brandon Groom

Brian Breaker vs. Mitch Baxter

Ray Martinez vs. Poder Oriental

Renegado vs. Lobo Gris

Angel Dorado & Burrito vs. Hombre Sin Miedo & Trueno

Mascara Purpura & Delta vs. Difunto Primero & Bengali

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