Feb 21st 2017 03:53am

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Card Results

Balthazar's Ladies Of Wrestling

Apr 28 2016 · Farmer's Market · Oklahoma City

Note: All matches were done in cosplay

"Bret Hart" def. "Randy Savage" (w/ "Sensational Sherri")

"The Undertaker" ( w/ "Paul Bearer") def. "The Ultimate Warrior" in a Bodybag Match

"Vader" def "Jim Duggan" in a Falls Count Anywhere Match

Jaguar def. "Andy Kaufman"

"Ric Flair" def. "Rick Rude"

"Steve Austin" def. "Hulk Hogan" by Countout.

"Steve Austin" def. "The Rock"

"Mankind" won a TLC Battle Royal

Apr 24 2014 · Farmer's Market · Oklahoma City

BoneDust Cowgirl def. The South Side Strangler in an Alcohol Rules Match

Sweet Sherry def. The South Side Strangler in an impromptu match

Psychotic Slayer def. Delicious Diva and Valhalla Holla in a Triple Threat Bitches Brawl match

The Burger def. Texas Chainsaw Mascara in an Intergender Match

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