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Card Results

Buzzsaw Championship Wrestling

Nov 05 2016 · Logan County Fairgrounds · Guthrie

BCW Independent Hardcore Champion Kevin James Sanchez def. Psycho Mike

Pitbull def. Blade [2nd] to earn an opportunity at the BCW Title in the main event

Cody Burns def. C. J. Ward

Kareem Sadat def. Mr. Barnes and EmpCW Independent Hardcore Champion Dean Lambert in a Triple Threat Match for the title

BCW Buzzsaw Champion Drake Gallows def. Aaron Helms

Father Padge def. Terry Pantera

BCW Champion Mikey (w/ Fred) def. Pitbull

Oct 08 2016 · Logan County Fairgrounds · Guthrie

Kevin James Sanchez def. BCW Independent Hardcore Champion Kareem Sadat for the title

Burning Discipline (Cody Burns & Brad Sanders) def. Reggie Lincoln & Rick Russo

Keith Crawford def. Crusher Casas to become the #1 contender to the BCW Buzzsaw Title

Erica def. Nikki Knight

Chris Crotte def. Dustin Bozworth (w/ Jeff Hardzog)

Terry Pantera & BCW Buzzsaw Champion Drake Gallows def. Brock Landers & Father Padge (w/ Cardinal Sin)

Mikey def. BCW Champion Tyson Jaymes for the title in a 7-Way Elimination Match that also included Korvin Sage, Dean Lambert, O'Malley, Gavin Dixon, and Double D

May 07 2016 · Logan County Fairgrounds · Guthrie

Cody Burns def. The Canadian Red Devil and Brock Landers in a Triple Threat Match

Keith Crawford & Mikey def. Crusher Casas & Demarco Tate

BCW Buzzsaw Champion Drake Gallows def. Mr. Barnes

B. M. F. ( Rick Russo & BCW Hardcore Champion Kareem Sadat, w/ Korttni Sadat) def. The Rednecks (Big Ern & Cousin Yogi)

Double D def. Largus Ragnabrok

Tyson Jaymes def. BCW Champion Brandon Groom for the title

Erica def. Nikki Knight

Father Padge ( w/ Cardinal Sin) vs. Terry Pantera in a Last Man Standing Match ended in a draw when neither man could answer the 10-count

Apr 09 2016 · Buffalo Valley High School · Talihina

Drake Gallows won a Battle Royal to become the first BCW Buzzsaw Champion

The Canadian Red Devil def. Urn Stokes (w/ Hassan Payne)

Mikey & The Pitt Bull def. The Mid-South Express (Tyson Jaymes & Demarco Tate)

BCW Buzzsaw Champion Drake Gallows (w/ Prince Mahali) def. Brock Landers

Double D def. Nathan Estrada

Seth Angel, Spyder, & Skylar Slice def. Paul Puertorico, Psycho Mike, & Erica in a Mixed Tag Team Match

MSWA Oklahoma Champion Terry Pantera def. Father Padge (w/ Cardinal Sin)

BCW/EmpCW Hardcore Champion Kareem Sadat def. Buster Cherry and Das Karnage in a Triple Treat Match

Oct 10 2015 · Logan County Fairgrounds · Guthrie

In tournament matches for the vacant BCW Title:
Drake Gallows def. Dean Lambert in a semifinal match
Brandon Groom def. Paul Puertorico in a semifinal match.
Brandon Groom def. Drake Gallows in the final tournament match

In non-tournament matches:
Rob Cabella def. Patient Zero and Wade Argento in a Triple Threat Match

Skylar Slice def. Nurse Sanity and Nikki Knight in a Triple Threat Match

The Canadian Red Devil & Giganto def. The Wrecking Crew (Steven Cruze & Urn Stokes)

S.L.U.G.G. def. Demarco Tate for the vacant BCW/SAW/SCW Intercontinental Title

Terry Pantera, Brock Landers, & Mikey def. Father Padge (w/ Big J) & Nemesis (Damien Morte & Bobby Starr)

BCW/EmpCW Independent Hardcore Champion Kareem Sadat def. Big Ern (w/ Uncle Bud).

May 02 2015 · Logan County Fairgrounds · Guthrie

Warhammer vs Dominator went to a Double Countout.

Tyson Jaymes (w/ The Roc-n-Roll Cowboy) def. Joey Stixx.

Chaz Sharpe ( w/ Brandon Barricade) def. Demarco Tate and Buster Cherry in a Triple Threat Match.

Largus RagnaBrok def. Brock Landers.

Terry Pantera & Chris Cage (w/ Tommy D) def. Saints of Pro Wrestling (Shawn and Scott Sanders, w/ The.Roc-n-Roll Cowboy).

Spike def. Paul Puertorico

Kareem Sadat def. RIck Russo (w/ John E. Stone) in a Hardcore Street Fight for the Independent Hardcore Title.

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