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Associated Wrestling For a United Legacy

May 17 2009 · The Rock Theatre · Oklahoma City

In a Tournament to crown the first AWFUL Champion:

Jack Legacy (w/ Mike Iles) def. The Canadian Red Devil (w/ Sensei Bolo)
Brandon Groom vs. Shane Morbid went to a Double Countout
Damon Windsor (w/ Mike Iles) def. Kevin Morgan

It appeared that Damon Windsor (w/ Mike Iles) def. Jack Legacy (w/ Mike Iles) to become the AWFUL Champion, but then Brad Michaels was revealed as the surprise commissioner of AWFUL and overturned this decision.

Kevin Morgan def. Jack Legacy and Damon Windsor (w/ Mike Iles) in a Triple Threat/Elimination Match to become the 1st AWFUL Champion

In Non-Tournament Matches:

T. M. S. (Seth Allen & Dane Griffin) de.f BLK-OUT (Jermaine Johnson & Montego Seeka)

Caden Xavior def. Se7en

Damien Morte def. Rage Logan, Mitch Carter, and Sage (w/ Sofia Rains) in a Fatal 4-Way Match

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