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The 2017 Oklafan Top 50 Is Announced

The 2017 Oklafan Top 50 Is Announced

Posted: Dec 31st 2017 By: Oklafan Staff

Once again the staff of Oklafan have compiled a list of what we believe to be the top 50 wrestlers in the state of Oklahoma this year. We took into consideration factors such as visibility (how many places they wrestled in the state), accomplishments (title reigns, win/loss records, etc.), appearance (proper wrestling gear, physical fitness) and charisma among other things. Then our crack staff compiled their lists and those lists were averaged together to create the official one. So, as the first official act of 2018 on this site, we are proud to announce the Oklafan Top 50 for 2017. The number in parentheses beside the name is where they were ranked last year. If they were unranked last year it is listed as NL.

1. Drake Gallows (1)
2. Prince Mahalli (NL)
3. Riker (8)
4. Mr. Nasty (3)
5. Christopher Dean/Tommy Dean (NL)
6. Skyler Fayden (21)
7. Paul Puertorico (41)
8. Dusty Gold (NL)
9. Erica (10)
10. Fuel (NL)
11. J. D. (34)
12. Jerry Dean (NL)
13. Brandon Groom (36)
14. Steven Cruze (9)
15. Xavior (NL)
16. Gavin Dixon (20)
17. Double D (2)
18. Duke Swellington (NL)
19. Nathan Estrada (5)
20. Wesley Crane (NL)
21. Sam Stackhouse/One Man Sam (32)
22. Brian Breaker (NL)
23. Aaron Anders (NL)
24. Cody Burns (31)
25. Michael Wolf (NL)
26. C. J. Ward (15)
27. Brock Landers (12)
28. Skylar Slice (4)
29. Dimitri Alexandrov (22)
30. Nikki Knight (14)
31. Tristan Thorne (NL)
32. Psycho Sawyer (49)
33. Dean Lambert (16)
34. Karnage (NL)
35. Gemini [2nd]/Gemini Red (NL)
36. Big Smooth (NL)
37. O’Brien (27)
38. El Greengo Loco (NL)
39. Phoebe (NL)
40. Montego Seeka (50)
41. El Fuego/El Fuego del Sol (NL)
42. Malico (NL)
43. Canadian Red Devil (17)
44. Kevin Morgan (26)
45. Zakk Sinizter (NL)
46. Shawn Shields (42)
47. Terry Pantera (NL)
48. Dustin Heritage (NL)
49. Trey Cole/Stonewall Cole (40)
50. Father Padge (NL)

This is the 13th consecutive year that we at Oklafan have named our Top 50 of the year. Here are some fun facts about the Top 50:

-Voters: Only C. M. Burnham and Mike Iles have voted in every year of the Top 50. Other voters have included Cade Sydal, Jake O'Brien, Mark Wilson, Mitch Baxter, Stevie Caballero, Sara Bennett, Tim Rockwell, and Tuck Davion

-A total of 222 wrestlers have appeared in at least 1 of Top 50s.

-16 wrestlers are making their Top 50 debut on this year's list: Christopher Dean/Tommy Dean, Dusty Gold, El Greengo Loco, Father Padge, Gemini [2nd]/Gemini Red, Jerry Dean, Karnage, Malico, Phoebe, Prince Mahalli, Terry Pantera, Tristan Thorne, Wesley Crane and Zakk Sinizter

-23 wrestlers ranked last year did not make the list this year: Aaron Neil, Alex Royal, Buster Cherry, Chris Cambridge, Damien Morte, Damon Windsor, Giganto, Graham Bell, Jon Cross, Jordan Jacobs, Justin Dynamic, Kareem Sadat, Ky-Ote, Luke Langley, Mr. Barnes, Psycho Mike, Richie Adams, Rob Cabella, Samuel Savage Spyder, Terry Montana, Tyson Jaymes and Urn Stokes,

-The Canadian Red Devil is the only wrestler to have appeared in every Top 50 list since the first one in 2005.

-Double D has the longest consecutive streak being in the top 10 with 7 years (2010-2016). Drake Gallows (2013-Present) and Mr. Nasty (2013-present) are tied for the second longest top 10 streak at 5. Jermaine Johnson (2009-2012) and Shane Morbid (2007-2010) are tied for the third longest top 10 streak at 4. Dexter Hardaway (2005-2007), Dane Griffin (2008-2010), Ky-Ote (2008-2010), The Canadian Red Devil (2007-2009 and 2011-2013), Kevin Morgan (2008-2010), and Damon Windsor (2012-2014) all have 3 consecutive years in the top 10. The Canadian Red Devil is only wrestler to have 2 streaks of 3 years in the top 10.

-Voted #1: In the 13 years we have done the Top 50, 8 different wrestlers have held the #1 spot. Double D and Drake Gallows are the only wrestlers to be named #1 three times. D had 3 consecutive years (2011, 2012, and 2013) while Gallows was non-consecutive (2014, 2016 & 2017). Dane Griffin (2008 and 2009) is the only other wrestler to be voted #1 more than once.

-Unanimous #1: John O'Malley holds the distinction of being voted #1 in the very first Top 50 in 2005 and is the only unanimous #1 in the history of voting.

-Rocco Valentino is the only wrestler to be ranked #1 in the first and only time he was ranked in any Top 50.

-Eight different females have been ranked in the Top 50 over the years. The highest ranked ever is Skylar Slice at #4 in 2016. Erica has been ranked the most times: #41 in 2010, #49 in 2012, #24 in 2015, #10 in 2016 and #9 in 2017. 2016 also marked the first time 2 females were ranked in the top 10 (Slice at #4 and Erica at #10). 2017 saw the most women ranked in the Top 50 with 4 (Erica at #9, Skylar Slice at #28, Nikki Knight at #30, and Phoebe at #39)

-The longest gap between being ranked belongs to Jerry Bostic who was ranked #49 in 2007 and reappeared 8 years later at #46 in 2015.


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