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Matt Sydal (FKA Evan Bourne) returning to the WWE?

Matt Sydal (FKA Evan Bourne) returning to the WWE?

Posted: Dec 3rd 2017 By: Ashley Rose -

Matt Sydal, also known as Evan Bourne from WWE, was born as Matthew Joseph Korklan, on March 19, 1983 in St. Louis, Missouri. He can currently be seen wrestling at Impact. Sydal graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Missouri. He is known for his famous finisher and perfectly executing the Shooting Star Press.

Quick History Lesson:

The Shooting Star Press was created by Jushin Thunder Liger.

The wrestler jumps forward in an elevated position and presses knees to chest while executing a back flip in the mid-air landing on their opponent in the splash position.

WWE previously banned the move due to safety reasons.

Aww boo talk about taking all the fun in cruiser weights and wrestling all together.

Sorry love you can’t see the move live on WWE but you can on old matches on the WWE Network, Ring of Honor, New Japan Wrestling, and most indie wrestling matches.

Matt Sydal is considered one of the best high flyers in the wrestling industry. His style is remarkable. His style is a combination of Lucha libre and Puroresu wrestling, this sets him apart from veterans and his peers.

Many fans of the high flyer have been questioning if he is planning on returning to WWE.

When I reached out to Sydal about the rumor he did not deny or confirm if it was true.

He has made it clear that he is enjoying creating his own content and his second run in the indie circuit.

He spoke to Real Sport expressing how he felt about Impact and encouraging future talent to be more creative with their style.

“Well, it was an opportunity to finish the story that I started right here early in my career and it was really more fate and destiny than anything else. Impact is a place where I can get challenged greater than I’ve ever been challenged before, work with guys that I can feed off of, learn from and grow from. Basically, it’s part of my attempt to conquer the world of wrestling and to be the number one guy that’s talked about on the dirt sheets, online, and most importantly, in people’s hearts and memories. Impact is a great opportunity for me to do that.”- Sydal’s reply to Real Sport “On being brought back to Impact.”

“I encourage people to strive to be more creative, to push the boundaries of their own personal limits, to trust themselves, question authority and to not be a copier. To be an original is the truest form of this business. There are so many guys that have great characters and great abilities, and then there’s also a lot of guys who are trying to do shooting star presses and be me. But, you know, everybody’s gotta start somewhere. Well, I tell you what, if anyone else is bringing shooting stars to Impact, a guy like Andrew Everett, you know, I’m gunning for him. The way I see it, shooting star presses, there can only be one guy that does it and that’s gonna be me and if anybody else wants to encroach on my territory, I will defend it.” –Matt Sydal interview with Real Sport

It clear how happy Mr. Shooting Star Press is with his involvement in the indie circuit and his competition in X-Division.

However, if Sydal chooses to return to WWE for their Cruiser-weight division (205 Live) he will most likely dominate it.

You can follow him on twitter @findevan and Instagram @mattsydal


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