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WWE Superstar makes stop at Kentucky Children's Hospital

WWE Superstar makes stop at Kentucky Children's Hospital

Posted: Nov 29th 2017 By: WKYT News Staff

With WWE in town preparing for Smackdown Live at Rupp Arena, WWE Superstar Jinder Mahal stopped at Kentucky Children's Hospital.

Kids were able to ask the superstar questions and snag some pictures with the professional wrestler.

Mahal says his job isn't just in the ring.

"The most important thing that we do is that we put smiles on children's faces, we make people happy, we're here to entertain people, and a lot of these kids are huge fans, and we come here to see them in person and cheer them up and make their day. As simple as it is for us to just come here and taking pictures with kids or saying hello or talking to them, it makes their day."

When wrestlers head to the ring, it will be the first time the televised event has come to Lexington in six years.


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