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Draper Retains NWL Title Over Meeks

Draper Retains NWL Title Over Meeks

Posted: Sep 5th 2017 By: Brian Hoops

In a hard fought one on one contest, Dak Draper defeated Blaine Meeks by referee stoppage in a no dq match to retain his NWL Kansas City Championship Saturday night, September 2 at the Scottish Rites Temple in Kansas City, Missouri. Draper used at least three different steel chairs in brutal encounter, but his actions after the match ended is what drew the ire of NWL President, Major Baisden. “I am going to work with my full team of advisors in determining what the best course of action is for dealing with Dak Draper’s future in the NWL,” Baisden wrote on Twitter.

Draper used two of his Draper bombs but couldn’t pin Meeks, even after using chairs to Meeks' back repeatedly. Meeks put on his cape and hit his finishing move, “comic mischief”, but Draper was able to kick out.

The finish came when Draper used Meeks' own cape, tied to the ropes to choke out the challenger and the referee had no choice but to stop the contest.

Draper who went to the hospital after the match to receive stitches for a cut near his eyes, continued to attack Meeks after the match. Draper wrapped Meeks legs around the ring post and repeatedly hit Meeks with a chair in his already damaged knee.

Looking at the company website, Meeks is not advertised for upcoming shows through September and Draper could be stripped of the title as he is listed on events, but his matches are not advertised as title matches.

The crowd the Scottish Rite Temple was down from normal, estimated at 225 fans as the WWE was at the Sprint Center and likely hurt the normally large crowd.

In other matches, The Besties in the World defeated the Howlettes in a wild brawl to advance to the finals of the NWL Tag Team Tournament, Jack Foster defeated Michael Strider, and Mike Outlaw defeated Niles Plonk. After the match, a security video played, showing Plonk’s butler, Belvedere was not really injured, which freed Red Cloud from his commitment to serve Plonk. Also, Thor Theriot defeated Maverick by countout, Devlin defeated Gil Rogers, Jet Royal defeated Ken Dharma, and Jeremy Wyatt pinned Anthony Gutierrez.

There have many been many, many great wrestling matches so far in 2017. Two of the best occurred in the NWL Saturday night, September 2. The Draper vs. Meeks and Wyatt vs. Gutierrez matches were among the best of 2017 on any level.


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