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Legendary former Tag Team Champions Demolition have their last match ever

Legendary former Tag Team Champions Demolition have their last match ever

Posted: May 9th 2017 By: Johnny Payne

According to, legendary professional wrestling tag-team Demolition competed in their last match as a team this past Saturday night at a show in Pennsylvania for an independent promotion named Keystone Championship Wrestling.

Demolition originally comprised Ax (Bill Eadie) and Smash (Barry Darsow) who rose to prominence in the WWE (then-WWF) during the late-1980s and are best known for their run that ended in the early 1990s. It would later involve a new member Crush, the late- Brian Adams.

Demolition holds the record for being the longest reigning WWF World tag team champions- a title that has been defunct since 2010. The team also holds the record for being the second-longest reigning tag-team titleholders, behind former WWE RAW tag-team champions The New Day.
The heart of the matter

The legendary former WWE performers have competed in their last match as a team, following the inception of Demolition on January 17th, 1987 up until their recent disbandment on May 6th, 2017 following the show in Pennsylvania.

The reason behind the team splitting up is that Ax (Eadie) has reportedly bid adieu to the pro-wrestling ring as a performer. Nevertheless, Smash (Darsow) will apparently continue as a singles competitor.
Whatís next?

Bill Eadie aka Ax has reportedly retired from the sport, but Demolition fans can still watch his longtime tag-team partner Barry Darsow aka Smash in action on the independent circuit.

Demolition was one of the more over-the-top tag-teams in the WWE back then and had an interesting run with the promotion.

Itís essential to note that in July of last year Eadie and Darsow were named among the plaintiffs of the class action lawsuit against the WWE, alleging that WWE wrestlers incurred traumatic brain damage during their time with the promotion and that the company concealed the risks of said damage from the competitors.

Although itís safe to say that Demolitionís relationship with WWE has soured over the years, one canít deny the fact that they still are an integral part of the organisationís history. organisationís history. organisationís history. Sportskeeda wishes Mr William Reid ĎBillí Eadie the best of luck in his future endeavours.


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