May 29th 2017 01:54pm

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Dennis Stamp passes away

Dennis Stamp passes away

Posted: Mar 13th 2017 By: Mike Johnson -

Dennis Stamp, who worked several territories and actually wrestled Bret Hart in Hart's first ever match and was immortalized with the words "I'm not booked" in the Barry Blaustein documentary Beyond the Mat in 1999, passed away this afternoon at 12:19 PM. I believe Stamp was 69 years old.

Stamp had been battling cancer again since it re-emerged in September 2016. Things had taken a turn of the worse in recent weeks as the cancer had spread to his bone marrow. In the last week Stamp had returned home to spend what little time he had left with his family in Texas.

We'd like to express our deepest condolences to Stamp's family, friends and fans. He was an exceptionally wonderful and nice man. I'll more on his passing and career soon on


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