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Card Results

TSW · Monday 1963 · Cimmaron Arena · Tulsa

Dale Lewis def. Gorilla Macias by DQ

George Harris def. Tito Carreon

Gorilla Macias & Mario Galento def. Dale Lewis & Joe McCarthy

Ed Sharp def. Al Lovelock in a 2-out-of-3 Falls match

TSW · Thursday 1965 · National Guard Armoury · Lawton

The following matches were advertised, but no results are known:

Al Velasco vs. Kurt Steiger

Bobby Shane vs. Ted Naifeh in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

Treacherous Phillips vs. Joe McCarthy in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

TSW · Monday 1968 · Assembly Centre · Tulsa

Kit Fox def. Mike York

Juan Sebastian vs.Chati Yokouchi went to a draw

Tarzan Baxter def. Chuck Karbo

TSW United States Tag Team Champions Jack Donovan & Ron Reed def. Vittorio Apollo & NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion Danny Hodge in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

TPW · Saturday 2006 · Owen Park Recreational Centre · Tulsa

Poo Bear & Rico Suave def. J.P. Steele & Shawn Steel

AWOL def. TPW Champion Michael York for the title

Bernard Funk (w/ Flamon Raymon) def. The Canadian Red Devil

TPW Tag Team Champion Sudden Impact def. Romero Contreras

Justin Lee def. Jon Davis

Dexter Hardaway def. TPW Oklahoma Champion Michael Faith by DQ when Rocco Valentino interfered

MSWA · Sunday 2007 · Golden Goose Flea Market · Midwest City

Matt Garza def. Red the Magnificent

Outlaw & MSWA Mid-South Tag Team Champion Bad Boy def. The New York Express (Jeff Knight & Thomas Knight)

John O'Malley def. Shawn Sanders

Aaron Neil def. Outlaw & MSWA Oklahoma Champion Tyler Bateman in a Triple Threat Match for the title

Brian Grimm def. Tyson Jaymes

Brad Michaels def. MSWA Mid-South Champion Ryan Davidson in a No DQ Match for the title

MSWA · Sunday 2012 · Golden Goose Flea Market · Midwest City

(This card was a co-promotion of MSWA & BYEW. Matches alternated between both feds.)

Kyle Kelly def. Cody Jones to earn a shot at the MSWA Mid-South Title later in the card

Nemesis (Damon Windsor & Damien Morte, w/ Nikki Knight) def. Mexi-Canada (The Canadian Red Devil & El Maximo) for the vacant MSWA Mid-South Tag Team titles

Bad Boy def. SWCW Champion Maniac Mike by DQ

Rage Logan (w/ Nikki Knight) def. Kyle Kelly for the vacant MSWA Mid-South Title

BYEW · Sunday 2012 · Golden Goose Flea Market · Midwest City

(This card was a co-promotion of MSWA & BYEW. Matches alternated between both feds.)

Double D (w/ Erica) def. Crossfire Morrison to become the #1 contender to the BYEW Entertainment Title

BYEW Entertainment Champion Bobby Star def. Kid Krazy by Forfeit

Sam Stackhouse def. BYEW Champion Prophet for the title

Starr def. Erica

ComPro · Friday 2016 · Perfect Practice Athletic Center · Tulsa

The Canadian Red Devil def. Goldeneye

The Canadian Red Devil def. Amphibian

The Canadian Red Devil def. Reptile

Taylor K (w/ Richard Pierce & Boss Campbell) def. Phoebe to advance in the ComPro Ladies Title Tournament

ComPro Oklahoma X Division Champion Nathan Estrada def. Skyler Fayden

Christian Temple def. Samedi

Michael Wolf def. Rob Cabella

Terry Montana, Mighty Mouse & Killista def. La Famiglia (Wade Argento, Thomas Knight & Skylar Slice)

Satis-Faction (Gavin Dixon & Samuel Savage) vs. ComPro Tag Team Champions Dynamic Shields (Justin Dynamic & Shawn Shields, w/ John Pfanz) went to a Double DQ

Giganto & ComPro Champion Richie Adams def. Lockdown & ComPro Showtime Champion Steven Cruze (w/ Richard Pierce, Boss Campbell & Taylor K)

Title Changes

AWOL TPW Heavyweight

Natural Born Sinners (Appolyon & El Lotus) ACW Tag Team

Rexx Reed ACW Hardcore

Carnage ACW Hardcore

Aaron Neil MSWA Oklahoma

Brad Michaels MSWA Mid-South Heavyweight

Bad Boy & Outlaw MSWA Mid-South Tag Team

The Unknown & Johnny USA NCW Tag Team

Mr. Big NCW Heavyweight

Sam Stackhouse BYEW Heavyweight

Rage Logan MSWA Mid-South Heavyweight

Nemesis (Damien Morte & Damon Windsor) MSWA Mid-South Tag Team



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