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Card Results

TSW · Monday 1960 · Junior Arena · Tulsa

Lord Littlebrook & Judy Glover def. Lorraine Johnson & Bull Brummel in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

Jack Curtis def. Taro Myaki in a 2-out-of-3 Falls match

Red McKim vs. Jack Donovan went to a No-Contest in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

TSW · Sunday 1965 · Cimmaron Arena · Tulsa

Ike Eakins and Doug Gilbert co-won a Rassle Royal and earned the right to face each other in the main event

Jack Donovan def. Mike DiBiase

Joe McCarthy def. Gene Dundee

Jack Brisco def. Don Kent

Ike Eakins def. Doug Gilbert

TSW · Monday 1966 · Civic Centre · Tulsa

Freddie Baron vs. Pepi Gomez went to a draw

Argentina Zuma def. George Harris

Chuck Karbo def. Mike Clancy

Jack Brisco & Battleship Johnson def. Don Kent & Tor Kamata

TSW · Friday 1969 · Stockyards Collesium · Oklahoma City

Bob Burns def. Tony Romano

The Medics (w/ Ken Ramey) def. Antonino Rocca & Oni Wiki Wiki

Jessica Rogers def. Kay Noble

Chuck Karbo & Nikita Mulkovich def. Tarzan Baxter & Tom Jones

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion Danny Hodge def. Matti Suzuki

MSW · Thursday 1985 · Skelly Stadium · Tulsa

Al Perez def. Mark Ragin

The Barbarian def. Brickhouse Brown

One Man Gang def. Wendell Cooley

Devesatation, Inc. (Kareem Muhammad, Skandar Akbar & Kamala) def. Bill Watts, Dick Murdoch & Jim Duggan. According to a prematch stipulation, the loser of the fall (Watts) had to leave MSW for 60 days.

NWA World Champion Ric Flair def. Dusty Rhodes by DQ

The following additional matches were advertised, but no results are known:

Dutch Mantell vs. Butch Reed

Jake Roberts vs. MSW Mid-South Tag Team champion Ted DiBiase

Wahoo McDaniel vs. MSW North American Champion The Masked Champion

TPW · Sunday 2004 · Occassions Event Centre · Tulsa

Mitch Carter def. the Canadian Luchadore

Poo Bear def. Devil Man

K.C. def. Sudden Impact

Oklahoma Champion Justin Lee def. The Kid

Beau Dalton def. Terry Montana

Romero Contreras & Sonny C def. The Violence Alliance (Poo Bear & Oklahoma Champion Justin Lee) in a Lucha Libre Match

ComPro · Saturday 2009 · Sheridan Avenue Christian Church · Tulsa

Shane Morbid def. Lars Manderson

Excellence Personified (Jack Legacy & Michael Barry, w/ Mike Iles) def. Trey Christian & Mighty Mouse

Das Karnage def. Kobra Kai

Dawn of Extreme (Ty Thunder & Crucifer) def. The Popped Collar Posse (ComPro Tag Team Champion Michael York & ComPro Oklahoma X Division Champion Goldeneye, w/ Boss Campbell)

ComPro Champion Draven Cross def. Jim Fallon

Tyson Armstrong def. Ignition (w/ The Shadow of Death) by DQ

ComPro Showtime Champion The Canadian Red Devil def. Ray Martinez

A Handicap Match pitting Boss Campbell against The Popped Collar Posse (ComPro Tag Team Champion Michael York & ComPro Oklahoma X Division Champion Goldeneye, disguised as Team SuperBad) was declared a No-Contest by ComPro owner Mike Two, who then ordered Campbell into an impromptu match against a surprise opponent.

Boss Campbell def. Jason Jones

The Greatest American Bolo (w/ Sensei Bolo) def. ComPro Tag Team Champion Brett Taylor

IZW · Saturday 2009 · The Impact Arena · Lawton

IZW Tag Team Champions BLK-OUT (Jermaine Johnson & Montego Seeka) def. Seth Allen & Blake Albright

Brandon Groom def. Shane Rawls

Ky-ote Joe def. Austin Tacious

Carnage def. The Midnight Rider by DQ (The Rider then removed his mask and was revealed to be Shane Rawls)

Randy Price def. IZW Impact Division Champion Dustin Heritage for the title

MSWA · Sunday 2010 · Golden Goose Flea Market · Midwest City

The New Age Syndicate (Scott Sanders & Shawn Sanders) def. New Canada (Canadian Red Devil & Canadian Luchadore) in a MSWA Mid-South Tag Team Title Tournament Match.

Tyson Jaymes def. Bernie D by DQ

Jermaine Johnson def. Dustin Daniels (w/ La Reina de Corazones)

MSWA Mid-South Champion Johnny Z def. Cobra Kai.

MSWA Oklahoma Champion Kevin Morgan def. Bud Barnes in a Lumberjack Strap Match

ComPro · Saturday 2015 · Perfect Practice Athletic Center · Tulsa

Big Ern def. Vinnie

ComPro Oklahoma X Division Champion Killista def. Misty Lynn

Drake Gallows (w/ Nikki Knight) def. Paul Puertorico

Mighty Mouse, Terry Montana, & Spyder def. Shawn Shields & Swamp Men (Amphibian & Reptile)

ComPro Showtime Champion Wade Argento def. Patient Zero by DQ

ComPro Tag Team Champions Seth Angel & Adrian Dell def. La Famiglia (Thomas Knight & Luke Grayson, w/ Sophia)

ComPro Champion Jake O'Brien (w/ Richard Pierce) def. Michael Wolf

IZW · Saturday 2015 · The Impact Arena · Lawton

IZW Champion Brad Michaels def. IZW Tag Team Champion Graham Bell

IZW Tag Team Champion Luke Langley def. Damon Windsor (w/ Lisa Generro)

Jordan Jacobs def. Kevin Morgan by DQ

Double D & Erica def. Maddox Jones (w/ Lisa Generro) & IZW Queen Paige Turner

Jermaine Johnson def. Johnny Z to become #1 contender to the IZW Title

Title Changes

Wahoo McDaniel & Thunderbolt Patterson WCCW American Tag Team

Randy Price IZW Impact Division

Martin Justice OECW Southwestern


Dan Barnhart


Jason Kirby


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