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Card Results

NWA · Wednesday 1941 · The Coliseum · Oklahoma City

The Great Mephisto 1st def. Frank Wolff by DQ

Billy Varga def. Ace Freeman

Jim Hefner def. Al Szasz

George Dusette def. NWA World Light Heavyweight Champion Red Berry in a 2-Out-Of-3 Falls Match in which the winner get a future title shot at the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title

TSW · Monday 1962 · Cimmaron Arena · Tulsa

Antone Leone vs. Jack Nichols went to a draw

The Great Matsuda def. Frankie Caine

Jesse James def. The Russian Angel in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion Danny Hodge def. Joe McCarthy by DQ in a 2-out-of-3 Falls match

TSW · Friday 1965 · ??? · Oklahoma City

Treacherous Phillips def. Kit Fox

Tony Manos def. Al Valesco

Willie Steiger def. Kurt Steiger by DQ

Frankie Caine vs. Tim Woods went to a draw

Zasha Zee def. Fran Gravette

Joe McCarthy def. NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion Angelo Savoldi

TSW · Monday 1968 · Assembly Centre · Tulsa

Bill Dromo def. Jim Dalton

The Hines Brothers (Big Boy Hines & Bad Boy Hines) def. Eddie Sullivan & Antonino Rocca

Black Venus def. Emma Wright

Jack Brisco def. Professor Ito

TSW · Friday 1971 · Fairgrounds International Building · Oklahoma City

Johnny Boyle def. Treacherous Phillips

Bill Howard vs. Jean War Eagle went to a Draw

Tom Jones def. Aldo Bogni

Sputnik Monroe def. Dr.X

Billy Red Lyons & TSW North American Champion Bill Watts def. TSW United States Tag Team Champions Waldo Von Erich & Karl Von Brauner

TSW · Monday 1973 · · Tulsa

Igor Putski def. Beautiful Brutus

Skandar Akbar def. Tony Nero by DQ

Dewey Robertson def. Chuck O'Connor

Dr. X def. Jerry Miller by Countout

Dennis Stamp & Dr. X def. TSW United States Tag Team Champions The Hollywood Blondes (Jerry Brown & Dale Roberts)

TSW · Saturday 1977 · Great Plains Coliseum · Lawton

The following matches were advertised, but no results are known:

Tom Jones vs. Stan Hansen

Jerry Oates vs. Mr. Sakaruda

Dick Murdoch def. John Tolos

Billy Robinson vs. Karl Kox

TSW North American Champion The Great Zimm vs. Buck Robley

TSW · Thursday 1981 · The International Building · Oklahoma City

Ricky Morton vs. Billy Starr

Tommy Wright vs. Doug Somers

Terry Orndorff & Frank Hill vs. Ron McFarlane & Jerry Brown

TSW Champion Tom Jones vs. Mike George

Mr. Pogo vs. Skandar Akbar in a Cage Match

TSW · Friday 1982 · The U Arena · Oklahoma City

The following matches were advertised, but no results are known:

Mr. Pogo vs Skandar Akbar in a Steel Cage Match

TSW Tom Jones vs Mike George

Terry Orndorff & Frank Hill vs Ron McFarlane & Jerry Brown

Tommy Wright vs Doug Somers

Ricky Morton vs Billy Starr

TSW · Friday 1982 · National Guard Armoury · Oklahoma City

The following matches were advertised, but no results are known:

TSW Tri-State Champion Jimmy Snuka vs.Paul Jones 2nd

Tom Jones vs. Billy Starr in a Loser Leaves Town/Steel Cage Match

Eddie Mansfield vs Scott McGhee

Blackjack Mulligan & George Wells vs Rip Hawk & Swede Hanson

Bruno Sammartino, Jr. & Siva Afi vs Ali Bey & El Toro

WCCW · Tuesday 1985 · Coleman High School Gym · Durant

The following matches were advertised, but no results are known:

Kelly Kiniski vs. Mark Ragin

WCCW Television Champion Rip Oliver vs. Johnny Mantell

NWA American Tag Team Champion Bobby Eaton vs. Tommy Rogers

Gino Hernandez vs. WCCW World 6-Man Tag Team Champion Kerry Von Erich

OPW · Saturday 2000 · Riverlanes Bowling Center · Tulsa

Oklahoma Women´s Title Tournament:

Round 1:

Miss Venom def. Heather Savage
Jenna Love def. Misty Lynn

Round 2:

Jenna Love def. Miss Venom to win the vacant title

In other matches:

The Texas Outlaws (Renegade & Rebel [1st]) def. The Casualties of War (AWOL & Malice)

Oklahoma Light Heavyweight Champion Tarantula def. Joey Casanova

New Genesis (Jimmy Kane & Ian St. James) def. Oklahoma Tag Team Champions the Bad Boys (Splash Jackson & Bull Schmitt) for the titles

Oklahoma Champion Rocco Valentino def. Cousin Cooter

SRPW · Saturday 2005 · Expo Square IPE Building · Tulsa

Tulsa Indoor Fun Fair

-3:00pm Results-
Dirty Harry Sanchez & Adam Thornstowe def. Chris Kahne & Austin Idle

Dexter Hardaway (w/ Leather) and SRPW Champion Luc Lapointe (w/ Lily McKenzie) wrestled to a Double DQ

Kenny Campbell def. Jack Legacy, Renegade (w/ Flamon Raymon) and SRPW Hardcore Champion Bobby Dalton for the title in a Fatal Four Way Match

-5:00pm Results-
Timmy J def. Jose Suzuki

SRPW Champion Luc Lapointe & Lily McKenzie def. Dexter Hardaway & SRPW Women´s Champion Leather

Brandon Groom def. Bobby Burns (w/ Flamon Raymon) and Terry Montana in a Triple Threat Match

-9:00pm Results-
Dirty Harry Sanchez def. Chris Kahne and SRPW Hardcore Champion Kenny Campbell for the title in a Triple Threat Match

Jose Suzuki & SRPW Champion Luc Lapointe def. Mitch Carter & Adam Thornstowe

The 918 Boyz (X-Cal, Timmy J & Cade Sydal) & Brandon Groom def. Flamon Raymon & The New Texas Outlaws (Bobby Burns, Renegade, & SRPW X Division Champion Bernard Funk)

OWP · Sunday 2006 · The Hive · Tulsa

2006 Rock & Roll Cup Tag Team Tournament

Quarter Finals:
Bret Thunder & Skitzo def. Seth Allen & Aaron Neil

Hector Navarro & El Latino def. Spectre & Se7en

Ricky Morton & Aaron Armor def. Dexter Hardaway & Kenny Campbell (w/ Leather)

Impact, Inc. (John Zorthos & Bernie Donderwitz) def. Scott Murdoch & Mark Manson

Ricky Morton & Aaron Armor def. Impact, Inc.

Bret Thunder & Skitzo def. Hector Navarro & El Latino

Ricky Morton & Aaron Armor def. Bret Thunder & Skitzo for the 2006 Rock & Roll Cup.

In Non-Tournament Matches:
Cody Jones (w/ Tom Jones) def. Mitch Carter

Crystal Lights def. Shane Matthews in an Intergender Match

Chase Stevens def. OWP Mid-South Champion Tracy Smothers (w/ Leather) for the title

IZW · Saturday 2011 · The Impact Arena` · Lawton

In tournament matches for the vacant IZW Impact Division Title:

Damon Windsor def. Double D

Max McGuirk (w/ Katy) def. Xavior

Damon Windsor def. Max McGuirk (w/ Katy)

In Non-Tournament Matches:

IZW Champion Jermaine Johnson def. Kevin Morgan

Nemesis (Rage Logan & Damien Morte) defeated Double D & Aaron Neil

WWE · Tuesday 2013 · Chesapeake Energy Arena · Oklahoma City

--Dark Match--

Bo Dallas def. Curt Hawkins

--WWE Main Event taping--

Sheamus def. Cody Rhodes

Mark Henry def. Justin Gabriel

--WWE Saturday Morning Slam taping--

Brodus Clay & Tensai (w/ Cameron & Naomi) def. Primo & Epico (w/ Rosa Mendes)

WWE World Tag Team Champion Daniel Bryan def. Dolph Ziggler (w/ A. J. Lee)

--WWE Friday Night SmackDown! taping--

WWE Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio (w/ Ricardo Rodriguez) def. Damien Sandow

WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro def. The Miz in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match

The Prime Time Players (Darren Young & Titus O'Neil) def. WWE World Tag Team Champions Team Hell No (Daniel Bryan & Kane) in a match where Kane was blindfolded and Bryan had one hand tied behind his back.

Sin Cara def. Heath Slater

Randy Orton vs. The Big Show ended in a No Contest

--Dark Match--

Randy Orton, Sheamus, & WWE World Tag Team Champion Kane def. The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, & Seth Rollins)

MSWA · Friday 2016 · Plaza Mayor · Oklahoma City

Pre-Show Match

Will Chambers def. Dean Lambert

Regular Event:

Jake O'Brien def. C. J. Ward

The Canadian Red Devil & Giganto def. The Saints of Pro Wrestling (Scott Sanders & Shawn Sanders)

MSWA Mid-South Cruiserweight Champion Korvin Sage (w/ Lady Starwind) def. Tyson Jaymes

Brock Landers def. Mascara La Parka

MSWA Ladies Champion Nikki Knight def. Skylar Slice

MSWA Mid-South Champion Drake Gallows won a Battle Royal, gaining control of MSWA at the March 11th event

Title Changes

Karl Krauser TSW Missouri Junior Heavyweight

Terry Taylor WCCW Texas Heavyweight

New Genesis (Jimmy Kane & Ian St. James) OPW Oklahoma Tag Team

Jenna Love OPW Oklahoma Womens

Kenny Campbell SRPW Hardcore

Dirty Harry Sanchez SRPW Hardcore

Chase Stevens OWP Mid-South


Evan Newcastle

Mark Lewin

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