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Card Results

NWA · Wednesday 1932 · The Coliseum · Oklahoma City

Red Lindsay def. Paul Orth in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match, winning the 3rd fall by DQ

Totso Higami vs. Everett Rattan went to a Double Countout

Leroy McGuirk vs. Mustafa Pasha went to a draw

Totso Higami def. Murphy

TSW · Monday 1964 · Cimmaron Arena · Tulsa

The following matches were advertised, but the results are unknown:

Mike Clancy vs. Ken Lucas

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion Angelo Savoldi vs. Torbellino Blanco

Tim Woods vs. Nelson Royal

Buddy Allen vs. Lon Stuart

Ken Lucas & NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion Angelo Savoldi vs. Mike Clancy & Torbellino Blanco

TSW · Tuesday 1965 · Cimarron Arena · Tulsa

Argentina Zuma vs. Lorenzo Parents went to a draw

Argetina Zuma & Bill Watts def. Lorenzo Parente & Nikita Mulkovich

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion Danny Hodge def. Tom Bradley in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

Joe McCarthy def. Sputnik Monroe in a Texas Rules Match

WWF · Thursday 1989 · Tulsa Convention Center · Tulsa

Tugboat def. The Brooklyn Brawler

WWF Intercontinental Champion The Ultimate Warrior def. Andre the Giant

Dusty Rhodes def. Big Bossman

WWF World Tag Team Champions Demolition (Ax & Smash) def. The Powers of Pain (Warlord & Barbarian)

The Honky Tonk Man def. The Red Rooster

Al Perez def. Barry Horowitz

Ron Garvin def. Greg Valentine

NWA-OK · Monday 2009 · Chickasaw Community Center · Ada

Ryan Reyes def. El Culo Intruso

Wage vs. Tom Donovan went to a Double Countout

Dane Griffin def. Montego Seeka

Ky-ote Joe & Mike Manos def. Kunnah Keyoh & Al Farat

Dane Griffin won a 9-man Gauntlet Battle Royal to earn a shot at the NWA-OK Oklahoma Title in the future.

NAW · Friday 2012 · Community Centre · Chewey

Alexis Lee def. Ryan Reed

Hurricane Ross def. J. R. Orullian

Crash Davis def Michael H

Mr. Big def Dennis Williams

Ryan Reed & Michael H def. Alexis Lee & Crash Davis

OWA · Saturday 2013 · Baseball Academy · Sperry

Brian Breaker def. Jonah Turk

Aaron Anders def. Clint Cassidy

OWA Junior Heavyweight Champion Michael Wolf def. Steven Sterling and Patient Zero in a Triple Threat Match

Terry Montana def. Goldeneye

Jake O'Brien def. OWA Champion The Canadian Red Devil for the title

The Brotherhood of Mayhem (Malice & Menace 2nd, w/ Mischief) def. Los Calientes (Paul Puertorico & Roberto Romero) and Maddox Jones in a Triple Threat Match to become the 1st OWA Tag Team Champions

IZW · Saturday 2013 · The Impact Arena · Lawton

Striker def. Double D

Team Bull (The Bronze Bull & Bobby Starr) def. The K. C. Wolves (Graham Bell & Luke Langley)

Angel Camacho def. IZW Impact Division Champion Kevin Morgan in a non-title match

Soto Miyagi def. Brad Michaels

Copycat def. The Convict & IZW Tag Team Champion Jermaine Johnson (w/ Erica)

NAW · Saturday 2013 · Community Building · Chewey

Tim the Intimidator def. Mr. Big

Michael Duplanti def. Richard the Mastermind

Mr. Big & Michael Duplanti def. Tim the Intimidator & Richard the Mastermind

Billy Ray def. NAW Tag Team Champion Justin Adams

NAW Champion J. R. Orullian def. NAW Tag Team Champion Running Wolf

SRPW · Saturday 2013 · Oakhurst Fire Department · Oakhurst

K. P. Moore def. Terry Pantera and Chaz Sharpe in a Triple Threat Match

Soloman (w/ Brother Jonathon) def. Joey Stixx

SRPW Tag Team Champions The C. I. A. (Trevor Mapleleaf & J. B., w/ Robbie Awesome) def. Psycho Sawyer & Diamond

Spike Lopez & Keebler def. Ray Martinez (w/ Selena) in a Handicap Match

SRPW Champion Sam Stackhouse def. Warhammer (w/ Mable) by DQ

SRPW United States Champion Cody Burns def. SRPW Womens Champion Matt Majestic

MSWA · Sunday 2014 · Farmers Market · Oklahoma City

Nathan Estrada def. Wade Argento

Glen Steel def. Shawn Sanders (w/ The Roc-N-Roll Cowboy)

Buster Cherry (w/ Brandon Barricade) vs. Dominator went to a Double Countout

Larry Canyunga def. Joey Stixx

MSWA Oklahoma Champion Spike (w/ Misty Lynn) def. Michael Kensington McIntyre III, esq.

IWR · Sunday 2014 · HFV Wilson Community Centre · Ardmore

Drake Gallows def. Marce Lewis and Griffin in a Triple Threat Match

IWR Revolutionary Champion Montego Seeka def. Ray Watch

Cambridge def. Malico by DQ

IWR Champion Jerry Bostic def. Raj Singh in a No DQ Match

Jim Duggan & Ky-Ote def. The Crimson Army (Al Farat & Akbar Farat)

MSWA · Wednesday 2016 · Plaza Mayor · Oklahoma City

Prince Mahalli def. Brock Landers

Title Changes

Gino Hernandez & El Gran Markus WCCW American Tag Team

The Brotherhood of Mayhem (Malice & Menace 2nd) OWA Tag Team


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