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Card Results

TSW · Monday 1950 · ??? · Tulsa

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title Tournament

1st Round:
Angelo Martinelli def. John Swenski

Angelo Savoldi def. Rito Romero

Tony Morelli def. Ali Pasha

*Incomplete Card Results

TSW · Monday 1961 · Cimmaron Arena · Tulsa

Oni Wiki Wiki vs. Silento Rodriguez went to a draw

Waldo Von Erich def. Jerry London

Red McKim def. TSW Oklahoma Junior Heavyweight Champion Corsica Joe for the title in a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match

Sputnik Monroe def. Mike Clancy in a Texas Rules Match

TSW · Saturday 1965 · · Oklahoma City

Mike Clancy def. Nikita Mulkovich

Sputnik Monroe def. Argentina Zuma

TSW · Monday 1967 · Assembly Centre · Tulsa

Bobby Hart def. Rocky Montero

Tony Manos def. Juan Sebastian

Gene Dundee def. Tony Manos

El Diablo def. Jesse James

Skandar Akbar & NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion Danny Hodge. def. Chuck Karbo & TSW United States Tag Team Champion Chati Yokouchi

TSW · Monday 1972 · · Tulsa

Red McKim & Farmer Pete def. Jerry Miller & Billy the Kid

Silento Rodriguez def. Treacherous Phillips by DQ

Tom Jones & TSW North American Champion Bill Watts def. Dr. X & TSW Brass Knucks Champion Bob Sweetan

Suni War Cloud vs. Dale Lewis went to a draw

TSW · Monday 1978 · ??? · Tulsa

Andre the Giant vs. TSW North American Champion Ernie Ladd ended in a Double DQ

*Incomplete Card Results

TPW · Saturday 2004 · Verdigris Middle School · Verdigris

Terry Montana def. TPW Tag Team Champion Jon Davis

The Forsaken (Michael Faith & Halo) def. the Violence Alliance (Draven Cross & Poo Bear) by DQ

Justin Lee def. Anthony Jackson by DQ

Sonny C def. Devil Man and The Lone Shining Star in a 3-Way Dance

The Canadian Luchadore def. Devon Monroe

Justin Lee & Sudden Impact def. Anthony Jackson & TPW Oklahoma Champion Rocco Valentino

GPCW · Friday 2009 · Cahoma Building · Cache

'Hallowicked" Results:

Al Farat (w/ J. D. Richards) vs. Carnage went to a No-Decision

Crisstopher Crow def. Tyson Jaymes

GPCW Wichita Mountains Champion Li'l Joe def. Ky-ote Joe

Aaron Neil def. Randy Price

Bernie D def. Dane Griffin and Johnny Z in a Triple Threat Match

BLK-OUT (Jermaine Johnson & Montego Seeka) & Carnage def. Al Farat (w/ J. D. Richards), Javier Hussein & Dominator in a Lethal Street Brawl

IZW · Saturday 2010 · The Impact Arena · Lawton

Montego Seeka def. Shane Rawls

Kenny Campbell vs. IZW Tag Team Champion Eric Rose went to a No-Contest

Bernie D def. Jermaine Johnson

Xavior def. Jordan Jacobs

Dustin Daniels (w/ Erica) def. IZW Champion Aaron Neil by DQ

Title Changes

Red McKim TSW Oklahoma Junior Heavyweight

Jack Brisco TSW Missouri Junior Heavyweight

The Sheepherders (Luke Williams & Butch Miller) UWF Tag Team


Miss Sheila

Missy Hyatt

Zak Mason

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