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Ask A Worker: Riker

Ask A Worker:  Riker

Posted: Jun 1st 2017 By: OK Indie Scene

Hey guys it's time for the first volume of #askaworker Wednesday. And who else to talk to first than the current UWE champion, a former 4 time SRPW tag team champion, the one the only wizard of the sea, Riker. So it's time for 20 questions with a worker.

1. How did your get into watching wrestling?

I was flipping the channels on a Saturday morning in '97 and came across WWF LiveWire. It was soon after Kane made his debut and they were showing him and Paul Bearer. I was hooked.

2. Earliest wrestling memory?

See above.

3. Favorite match?

The Rock vs Austin Wrestlemania XV. I know it wasn't the greatest match by any means, but at the time I had never been so invested in a wrestling match. It was the one I always looked at as the match that made me want to be a wrestler.

4. Favorite wrestling moment?

Being locked in a steel cage with Abel and Dimitri Alexandrov against Jon Cross and Brandon Walker. There are a few parts of that match I wish we could go back and change, but I had always dreamed of being in a cage match and I'm happy I got to be a part of one.

5. Favorite wrestler of all time?


6. Favorite current wrestler?

Kevin Owens

7. How did you get into wrestling?

I was doing the backyard wrestling thing in high school. When I turned 18 I decided to train with Compound. I did that for a few months after I graduated, until I broke both my arms in a dirt bike crash. The recovery took quite awhile. I decided during that time to finish college before I continued training. Four years and a degree later, I hit up SRPW and got back to work.

8. How did you come up with your gimmick?

Duuuuude. I went through so many gimmicks trying to find the right one. My heel gimmick is honestly just me with no filter. Big angry ginger man. My face gimmick, the WFC one, that is just drunk me. Everything about that is just the way I am like 15 shots in. Don't get me wrong, I don't drink and work! It's a gimmick. As far as the sharks go, I thought drunk me would love to dance with Katy Perry's sharks... so yeahh...

9. Dream match to watch?

Okada vs AJ Styles. Has that happened?! Idk.

10. Dream match to be in?

I'd love to work Big Damo.

11. What are your goals in wrestling?

Keep improving. The moment I stop getting better is the moment I'll quit.

12. What is your opinion of the state of Oklahoma wrestling?

Ahhhh... not good. Getting better. There are a few companies striving to improve wrestling around here. It takes time, persistence, and hard work, but I think it can happen. Promoters need to stop booking guys that expose the business. That's step one.

13. What can make it better?

Stop booking guys that can't work. Stop half ass training guys.

14. Who are your favorite local workers?

Without a doubt, Mr. Nasty. I really like X-Cal as well. Barrett Brown isn't local, but he will be a star one day.

15. If you could wrestle any historical figure, who would it be
and why?

George Washington. If I won, I'd be America's daddy.

16. What is your favorite feud?

My feud with Mr. Nasty. Counting tag matches, we've crossed paths around 20 times. The chemistry with him is great.

17. Most underrated wrestler in your opinion?

Wesley Crane. He is a great actor and one of the most athletic guys in the state. He busts his ass in the gym, yet gets half the recognition he deserves.

18. Most overrated wrestler?


19. Biggest botch on your part?

I wrestled Mr. Nasty a few months back at UWE. We went 25+ minutes and were tearing it up. Final spot. He was going to hit his spinning neckbreaker and go up for the frog splash. As he goes to hit it, I lose my footing and botch it. Perfect 25 minutes gone because I botched that. We covered it alright, but that's my biggest botch and regret.

20. Indy or indie?

Indy (suck it Tim)

Fuck. Marry. Kill. Jeff the Ref, Crazy Charlie, Thomas Knight

Fuck Tuhamas. Marry Jeff. Kill Charlie.

Bonus question. How do you pronounce gif?



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