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General Questions

Is Oklafan a free site?

Yes. Registration and membership is completely free.

Why should I register and log in to Oklafan? It's the same site either way, right?

Well, yes and no. Non logged in users are privy to all the information that's in our databases. All the card results, title histories, bios and of course news are there, and free for you to roam. As a logged in user you have access to more ways our code monkeys have figured out to collate and search the information. Custmoize the home page to display what information is most important to you. Our Oklafan Top 50 archives and Year End Poll results, which, as a logged in user you get to vote on, are only accesable if you are logged in. Polling Booth, extended bios, and more are also included.

Why does Oklafan have these members only areas?

Even though our Oklafan databases are quite large, we've managed to keep the site lean enough to have it on a shared server with the fine folks at Hostgator. Making pages or sections that are heavy on database queries "password protected" is a way to keep our hosting costs down. It's not just humans that visit web sites, search engine spiders (web, spiders, crawl, yes, geeks are weird) crawl all over this site. Our monkey is very good at structuring things in ways that the spiders very much like, but it also means they put a drain on the processor during these complexe databse queries and so on and so forth and yawn. It also makes us feel special when people log on.

If I give Oklafan my email, are they going to spam the #@&% out of my inbox?

We have had one email account hacked and sent out gobs of spam emails one holiday weekend. We appologize if you happened to get on of those. No, we won't purposfully jam your inbox with spam. Really we just use it for the registration process, and then to help you if you ever forgot your password.

Dude, what's with the beard?

Burnham had a beard before beards were cool.

How did Oklafan start?

Oklafan started in a dimly lit big blue room in a sketchy part of town when Nerd 1 said to Nerd 2 "So what do you do with all these notebooks you write down show results and stuff in?" Nerd 2 said "Well, I just kind of keep them on a shelf and refer to them every so offen." Nerd 1 then said "All that information should really be on the internet for all to refer to." Nerd 2 responded "That would be great, but I don't know how to do that." Nerd 1 replied "I do." And there you go.

Why is this "Code Monkey" so secretive about who he is?

Because he still believes in kayfabe, and if you knew who he is, it would blow your mind.


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