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Posted: Jan 16th 2018 By: Barrett Brown

Well, it's definitely been a minute since I have updated this blog, and for that I apologize. This blog is going to be updated at least weekly, but will be updated as often as possible. As most that visit this site probably know by now, my first wrestling weekend of 2018 has come and gone, and it was one of the most important of my entire career. Opportunities like I have received are not taken lightly, and this is what I want to touch on today.

For a few months now, I have known that I would have an opportunity to wrestle Delirious in Arkansas. To me, as I have mentioned previously, this match was of the utmost importance because of my desire to be seen by Ring Of Honor, and potentially sign a contract somewhere in the future. To prepare, I had a total of four weeks off from wrestling to study, mentally prepare, and focus on that match (despite getting the flu).

The Thursday before the big show, myself and the family drove to Arkansas because I was also involved in various media appearances on the next day, so I wanted to prepare accordingly for Saturday. As I have mentioned before, I stress. I stress very EASILY. So by Friday, my mentality was one-tracked, and I was nervous and excited for the match the next day.

I just finished everything I was scheduled to do on Friday, and was about to lay down to relax and just focus on the match with Delirious, when my phone buzzed. Now, with my website just starting up, I get a TON of spam email, so I did not think too much of it. However, something told me to check just in case. That was when those letters popped up in my messages: "WWE". I had been invited to San Antonio at the AT&T Center for Monday Night RAW. Just as I thought my heart couldn't handle much more, I received an invitation to the biggest stage in the world. At this point, I have to basically take the days one step at a time, and just be thankful for what is being thrown my way.

Eventually, Saturday rolls around after a long and almost restless night due to nerves. Finally, when the show starts up, we have a crowd that legitimately hit capacity for the Maumelle Event Center in Arkansas. Almost 700 people were there to witness one of the most important matches of my career, and I could not have been more excited. I felt a wave of confidence flow through me, and I knew that I belonged there, and that these people were about to witness something special.

Long story short, after twenty minutes of some of the wildest wrestling these people had ever seen, I pulled out a victory over Delirious, and then we collapsed on the canvas, exhausted, with 700 fans on their feet chanting "that was awesome". After a moment of appreciation and a handshake, I went to the locker room, broke down, and cried. I had proven myself, and made a connection that could lead to some huge things in the future.

The following day consisted of a ten-hour long road trip to San Antonio from Maumelle. Stressing about the day to come, I thought of every possible scenario that could happen on RAW. Would I be in a match? Just be in an interview? Just eat catering and watch the show? I had no idea, but I wanted to mentally prepare for anything. Knowing that the week following this night would be the 25th anniversary, I knew something big would have to happen.

Arriving to the venue is always intimidating, but luckily, I ran into a few friends and stuck with them. Shockingly, there were about fifteen others besides me at the show, and that was when I knew that something BIG was happening. After filling out forms and getting physically examined, I found my way to our assigned locker room and waited. What was probably thirty minutes felt like a lifetime, but then someone finally found us.

Eventually, it was show time. One of the most surreal moments I have ever experienced was walking down a WWE ramp alongside Kurt Angle to his theme music as security. Myself and a few others stood ringside as Braun Strowman and Kurt Angle stood in the ring, and the feeling of being on the other side of that barricade is surreal in itself. Following Braun backstage, the real fun began.

As everybody saw, Braun basically destroyed every security guard that came into his path during this time, and I was the one that ended up taking the nastiest fall of the night. Braun would eventually slide me across a makeup table, hurl me over a barricade, a camera man, and the ten-foot fall would put me through a catering table.

The first weekend of my 2018 wrestling career was incredible. Nothing less than absolutely incredible. The feeling of impressing so many important people in the business that I love is one of the best feelings I could describe. It is such a surreal moment to be complimented by different people that not just myself, but my family, have watched on television and have heard about for so long.

The opportunities that have already come my way in 2018 were unbelievable, and I am nothing short of grateful and humbled. Fittingly, tomorrow will be my 8-year anniversary in Professional Wrestling, so from here, it is only going to get bigger and better.

Thank you for reading this latest blog, and for visiting this site. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon.

We are in this together. Big things are coming. See you soon.



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