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Kelsey King -- Royally Cursed: Introduction To The King pt. 2

Kelsey King -- Royally Cursed:  Introduction To The King pt. 2

Posted: Nov 16th 2017 By: Kelsey King

So if you read my first blog, you learned that I was now working for 2 indy pro wrestling promotions. XWE is just now in there 3rd year, going into the 4th, but the IWR out of Oklahoma has been around for around a decade. I was ecstatic that they wanted me on their team!

I started managing a tag team called Devastation Reborn…they were a mean team of Chris Cambridge and Cody Dickson. I learned so much from them and working against their opponents! We definitely had the look 🙂

The IWR travels all over Oklahoma and down into the northern part of Texas almost every weekend, so I was getting a lot of practice in and fine-tuning my character. I went from trying to be a queen (even tried a British accent) lol to finding myself as Kelsey King, the king looking for the Gold. Gold being great talent that could obtain and hold titles.

I started traveling more and more, not just for IWR any longer, but also for Midsouth, based out of OKC, and Top of Texas from Amarillo. Overtime I also was picking up quite a few promotions in Kansas…KCXW, WWX, and ICW.

Overtime bookers started hitting me up on facebook, but I found we could never get a schedule going because I worked IWR so frequently. IWR is an amazing company and because of them I had the privilege of working with big names such as Victoria, Hacksaw Jim Duggan (he slapped my rear with a 2×4 midmatch lol), Chavo Guerrero Jr., MVP, Maria Kanellis, the Von Erichs, and so many more, but I wanted to travel more and get my name out there, so I left the company in August of this year.

Since then, I am not just Kelsey King; I am now one third of a deadly faction called The Cursed. Blade and Kuda are the monsters I have been looking for, the cursed souls that can obtain titles and hold them. Together we are a forced to be reckoned with…we are the #2 in the nation for the AIWF and current XWE Tag Team Champions, and we are on the hunt for more; I have a feeling it won’t be long before we snag a couple more titles. We are booked all the way from the east coast clear over to Vegas!

I feel absolutely blessed at my journey in this wrestling world and am humbled to be where I am thus far! I’m driven, hungry, and passionate about this amazing world, and I’m only looking up.

To end, I want to thank all of my amazing supportive fans! Without you, myself…and The Cursed, would be nothing. You are my #KINGdom ❤


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