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Kelsey King — Royally Cursed:. Introduction To The King

Kelsey King — Royally Cursed:. Introduction To The King

Posted: Nov 14th 2017 By: Kelsey King

What to put for my very first blog?! Well let me give you guys a little introduction to my story…I have been in the wrestling business for almost a year and the blessings have been bountiful! Let’s start from the “where I came from” before we get to the “where I am now”.

In 2015, I joined the XWE, an indy organization in Kansas, as their merchandise manager (I can sell ice to an igloo) lol After a year of doing that, I decided to cut ties because my boyfriend of 6 years and 3 kids later was in it as well, and i needed that space away.

After I left the wrestling scene, i joined one of the fastest growing gyms in the midwest, Genesis Health Clubs, and ended up losing 50 pounds! I could finally look in the mirror and not only love myself again, but I had also found a new confidence and a love for fitness! I focused on toning up and getting into the best shape of my life, when I got a phone call….

My best friend Sarah, who had taken over the merchandise manager spot, asked if I wanted to come to the show and after party that weekend…I thought what the heck. Well when I arrived, i asked myself, why not try to become a wrestler? I’m pretty fit and always loved watching it as I was growing up. So at the after party, I asked if I could start training, and my wrestling journey began.

I trained for a couple months until my hometown company lost their facility..I was beyond bummed. I wasn’t ring ready yet, but I felt like now there wasn’t a chance I could ever make my debut. I was very wrong.

A week later, I got a phone call from my trainer asking if I still wanted to perform…uuuummm hello, of course!! And thus started my stint with managing. I worked a show once a month with XWE from January until April. I made new friends from other companies as well, as XWE was bringing in outside talent (Side note: if you were like me at the beginning, you were as shocked as me that there was more than one indy wrestling company lol XWE had originally came from a backyard!) We brought in Jerry Bostic, the owner of IWR one of the most prominent promotions in Oklahoma, and a few of his talent and there was my next level ticket.

In April, I went to an IWR show to support my new found friends, as well as to see what other promotions looked like. I had a hunger to learn. I thought I was going to be in the audience that night, but Jerry had other plans. Now not only was I working for XWE, but I also was working for IWR as well. And the Imperial Wrestling Revolution was definitely a wild ride into a dream world……. stay tuned for the last half of the first year to my dream world 🙂


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