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Compound Pro Wrestling review (9-23-17)

Compound Pro Wrestling review (9-23-17)

Posted: Sep 25th 2017 By: Josh C. Jones

Thank you to the wrestlers for putting on another great show: Michael Wolf, Zack Mason, Brock Baker, Stonewall Cole, Kirk Chalmers, Nathan Estrada, Duke Swellington, Dimitri Alexandrov, Latrell Upton, Psycho Sawyer, Armin Syzlack, Aaron Anders, Cameron Cole, Ryan Davidson, and Kikutaro.

I must begin this review talking about the NEW Compound Pro X-Division Champion Kikutaro and the man he beat, ‘Ruthless’ Ryan Davidson.

From what I heard this is Kikutaro’s first championship held in the United States of America and it was well deserved.

Although I might never cheer for ‘Ruthless’ Ryan Davidson, I will explain why in a bit, he did put on one heck of a match against Kikutaro for the CPW X-Division Championship. It began with ‘Ruthless’ addressing the crowd about his stature as the X-Division Champion while degrading everyone in attendance. It didn’t help that I, and a few others, was heckling him while he tried to speak. But then Kikutaro entered and began to speak in, what sounded to me, both Japanese and possibly gibberish (sometimes I do have troubles hearing exactly what is being said). However, I did hear Kikutaro tell ‘Ruthless’ that he was going to take the Championship from him; this led to “Kikutaro” chants from the crowd.
Their match was spectacular; it was funny and full of action and spills, literally. Kikutaro brought an energy drink to the ring in case he needed more energy. Well, ‘Ruthless’ attempted to hit Kikutaro over the head with the can; Kikutaro blocked it, opened the can and drank some of the energy drink. Then the real craziness began. Kikutaro was pacing and shaking, full of sugar, bursting with excess energy and the ring filled with spilled energy drink. Later, ‘Ruthless’ opened a can of Pepsi and some of that spilled in the ring. These two stars didn’t care. They fought and rolled around in the mess like professionals. In the end it was Kikutaro who was the victor, capturing his first U.S. Championship belt.

The reason I might never cheer for ‘Ruthless’ Ryan Davidson is because he has to be one of, if not the, best heels I have encountered at Compound Pro Wrestling. His demeanor, attitude, persona and expert interaction with his opponent, the ref, and the crowd set him apart, in my opinion, from the rest. He is a perfect example of a heel you would love to jeer and boo, and one who knows how to throw it back at you. For this, I will continue to boo him while simultaneously appreciating his professional ability to be a top heel.

Armin Syzlack and Psycho Sawyer once again did battle in the squared-ring. This time Syzlack attempted to out power his opponent in a test of strength. He began with his right hand, immediately regretting it when Psycho out-powered him. Then I shouted, “Try the other hand!” Syzlack looked in my direction. I, and someone else, shouted a second time, “Try the other hand!” Syzlack shook his head yes and tried to win the test of strength with his left hand. I bet you can guess what happened here. That’s right. Psycho easily won. Then I shouted, “Try both hands!” Syzlack did. Except, this time he cheated. While Psycho grasped Syzlack’s left hand and waited for the other, Syzlack grabbed Psycho’s right hand with both of his and fought with all his might. Good plan Syzlack! However, Psycho was still too strong. After that, of which I guess Psycho was tired of playing with his prey, Psycho dismantled Syzlack. Still, Syzlack, despite losing the match, was able to achieve another victory in expanding his reign of terror to two-minutes and twenty-two seconds. Good job Syzlack.

Compound Pro Champion Michael Wolf fought Zack Mason for the opening match. Mason is a great athlete, as he proves each time I watch him wrestle, but he wasn't as “hungry like the Wolf” who won and retained his championship. Just before the match began my buddy (Sean) and I were howling - the chant for Michael Wolf - and were immediately startled by a high-pitched, arena shaking, attention demanding howl to our left … my mom. She can shout and howl like no one else. Even Wolf couldn't ignore the sound, turning and acknowledging her and her insane vocal cords. The match was a fantastic way to open the show.

Heels, Brock Baker and Stonewall Cole, took on the faces, Kirk ‘Cha-Cha’ Chalmers and ‘Fear the Fro’ Nathan Estrada. These four did great in their match even though the tag team I was cheering for, Chalmers and Estrada, lost. Still, it was entertaining. The stand out of this match for me was Cole and his interaction with me, the fans, and more specifically, my mom. My mom was cheering for the heels and even got a powerful high-five from Cole himself for her support. Cole's interaction with my mom was, for me, the standout of the match. If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy; and momma was on cloud nine.

‘Diamond’ Duke Swellington, Latrell Upton, and Dimitri Alexandrov competed in a triple threat match. Even though I was cheering for Duke I was on the edge of my seat a few times when it looked like Latrell might pick up the victory; that would have been nice, but it was not meant to be … yet. Oh, and someone actually had the guts to tell my mom to calm down. My mom was shouting for Dimitri, calling for him to get up and destroy Yogi and Boo-Boo (my interpretation of her shouting); really she was just shouting for Dimitri to beat them (Duke and Latrell). ‘The Kingpin’ Mike Iles, manager of Excellence Personified, turned to her and said, “You need to calm down lady.” It was great.

Aaron Anders defeated a newcomer to Compound Pro, Cameron Cole. No one was cheering for Cameron at first, not because he was bad but because no one knew him and Anders had already built a rapport with the Compound fans. Eventually I, and some others, cheered for Cameron. We wanted him to feel welcomed and he was performing well in the ring against a great Compound regular. Even though Cameron lost the match he won the respect of Anders and the Compound crowd. In fact, the crowd was chanting, “Please come back.”

Once again, CONGRATULATIONS TO KIKUTARO on your X-Division Championship win!
Thanks again to the Compound Pro crew and competitors for another entertaining event.

--- Josh C. Jones


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