Nov 22nd 2017 08:56am

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The NWA is dead!

The NWA is dead!

Posted: Sep 1st 2017 By: Gil Guillory -

The NWA has just recently been sold to Billy Corgan. And as of now, word from different sources says that as of October 1st, NWA renewals will not be happening for licensure. That means every promoter that spent money to become a member of the NWA is s*** out of luck.

Billy Corgan's hope is that they can rival Impact Wrestling or Global Force Wrestling and some of those smaller shows. I don't believe that they can do it. These guys have well intentions. But they have no idea what they're getting into with professional wrestling.
Lots of these promoters think that you get a couple of TV deals and everything's going to be okay. But that's just not how it works.

The NWA as we know it is dead and my heart is sad because of it. I know what Bruce Tharpe tried to do. He tried to get a product reborn at a time that it was impossible to have it done.
And it's now that I realized that the NWA as we know it is dead. Multiple sources within the NWA community have said so. And there's a lot of ill-will and hard feelings going on right now.

This is one of those times I hope I'm wrong. Many other people seem to think that the NWA will be stronger than ever. But the days of a hard-working, world-traveling Champion are over. The days of many people working together to push one brand, one company, are over.

But some of the people seem to think that NWA is going to be fine.

From Facebook, James Beard, renowned NWA referee, had this to say, "Trust me, the NWA is not going anywhere. The new ownership is highly respectful and protective of the NWA titles and legacy. That's about all I can say. Everyone concerned or curious should understand that the NWA will be in good hands."

So take it or leave it. Form your own opinion, and face the fact that the world of wrestling is now changing. The NWA world is now changing.

Billy Corgan and his group must bring the NWA World Title to higher levels, and do everything that they can to protect the Legacy and the lineage of the NWA World Championship.

I hope that James Beard is right.

I hope that the NWA is in great hands.


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