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JR's Blog: Bones Jones vs Brock?? McGregor-Mayweather Prediction, Mike Johnson Rocks The Ross Report, Q&A's Updated

JR's Blog: Bones Jones vs Brock?? McGregor-Mayweather Prediction, Mike Johnson Rocks The Ross Report, Q&A's Updated

Posted: Aug 25th 2017 By: Jim Ross

Greetings everyone and thanks for stopping by our site. I hope that you are having a happy and productive week. Let's roll...

It was five months ago today when my wife Jan was senselessly killed in a vehicle accident that has resulted in a negligent homicide charge for the 17 year old driver. There will be a jury trial regarding this matter that I will unfortunately be attending and starting this fall, I assume.

It is still surreal that Jan is gone as I've awakened multiple times thinking that I've had a really bad dream. Unfortunately, that isn't the case.

The new, Ross Report podcast is alive and well at and @ApplePodcasts and is getting rave reviews thanks to another stellar appearance by PWInsider's Mike Johnson who is one of our most popular guests on our show. Subscribe for FREE at Apple Podcasts and please leave us a five star rating and a comment or two. The entire subscription and comment facet off this arrangement might take you two minutes. Thanks.

It is hard to remotely find any positive light at the end of the tunnel on this Jon Jones failed drug test fiasco that @UFC has to deal with at this time. The anabolic steroid that @JohnnyBones apparently took is an old school steroid that some are questioning if it is even mass produced any longer. If that is accurate info, that might indicate that the is particular steroid was sought out. I'm told that is is a 'roid that the East German's used illegally years ago in Olympic competition because at that time it was extremely difficult to detect.

It is a legit head scratcher as to how this train wreck of a development could occur in a fighter's camp who has already had multiple brushes with authorities. Many insiders are expecting Jones to be suspended for two years but the penalty could be longer. A four year suspension would essentially be the death penalty for Johnny Bones Jones' MMA career as we know it.

How those running the camp and that are responsible for managing Jones have a great deal of explaining to do and let's hope that the truth comes out on this matter sooner than later.

Rumors, and I stress rumors, have been casually discussed about Jones' interest in a WWE appearance for quite some time and that might open the door for a pro wrestling bout versus Brock Lesnar in WWE and not a fight in UFC. Obviously, this potential match up would be a huge attraction and seems as if it's is worthy of Wrestlemania consideration if all the stars were aligned. Stay tuned.

Planning on watching the McGregor vs Mayweather car wreck this Saturday night on PPV. Much like watching NASCAR, I am expecting to see some 'wrecks' during this presentation where we may find out that the pre fight hype, the entrances and the post fight press conference might be the best facets to the entire night. I think the officiating is a key and has not been discussed that much. It seems highly unlikely that the three judges will be called upon to render a decision after the 12 rounder.

Conor vs Floyd isn't going 12 rounds and if this fight ends without controversy, I will be shocked. The least likely outcome seems to be the fight going the distance but seemingly every thing else is on the table. A 'return' seems almost laughable to consider but who the hell knows when massive money is at play? Nonetheless, unless I'm really off, I don't know that I would care to see the return of this Inoki vs Ali-like event.

Much like Floyd broke Big Show's nose on the way to WM24 in Orlando, I could easily see Mayweather with a rare knockout over the inexperienced (Boxing) Irishman.

Happy that two of my broadcasting pals, Mauro Ranallo and Al Bernstein, are calling it.

Getting excited for the Mae Young Classic that will begin airing with four episodes back to back Monday August 28 on the WWE Network. Lita aka @AmyDumas are proud of the work that we put in on this project and I hope that you will check out this passionate project in which many have invested greatly.

Doing more reading this week for the audio version of 'SlobberKnocker: My Life in Wrestling' that will be released in October. Challenging undertaking.

JimRossBBQ for Facebook and Instagram.

Count your blessings and always maximize life's minutes!

Boomer Sooner!



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