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JR's Blog: New, JR's Blog, @HeymanHustle Rocks NYC!, @MikePWInsider on Ross Report, NXT Takeover, @MaeYoungClassic, @JoeyRyanOnline

JR's Blog:  New, JR's Blog, @HeymanHustle Rocks NYC!, @MikePWInsider on Ross Report, NXT Takeover, @MaeYoungClassic, @JoeyRyanOnline

Posted: Aug 22nd 2017 By: Jim Ross

It's great to be back home in Oklahoma after several days in Stamford and Brooklyn for WWE activities. I'm going to cover many of the events of Summer Slam week on a new Ross Report podcast with Pro Wrestling Insider's Mike Johnson on a new Ross Report that drops this Tuesday night at 9 PM/6 PT on www.podcastone.com and @ApplePodcasts.

Can't thank the great Paul Heyman enough for joining me Friday night at the Gotham Comedy Club for our RINGSIDE Show that sold out and turned people away. Paul was amazing from start to finish and his idea to buy shrimp tempura for our 300 guests was nothing short of brilliant. I hope that we get to do more of these shows in the future as Paul and I both have indicated that we would lke to do so.

Really appreciate my friends at Busted Open Radio and The Taz Show for helping support our NYC event as their contributions were invaluable. I covet my many 'wrestling friends.'

It was a blast to broadcast a live match with Mauro Ranallo as that seemed to be something that many fans wanted to experience, including me. Appreciate the hospitality and respect shown me by not only Mauro but Nigel McGuiness and Percy Watson too. I thought the Aleister Back vs Hideo Itami bout that we broadcast was a helluva wrestling match and one that I really enjoyed being a part. Itami seems to be more at ease as a villain and Black could well be a huge star in the making much sooner than later for NXT and subsequently at the next level, too. I love both men's kicking game as you probably gathered if you watched the match.

"Kick Your Head Off Classic!"

There is a discernable, unique vibe at NXT events that I have personally experienced from working at two, NXT Takeover events, in Chicago and in Brooklyn. The audience seemingly has made a strong emotional investment in the NXT talents and it shows.

Watched Summer Slam sunday night from my Norman, Oklahoma home and enjoyed it. Happy I invested the time to watch the pre game show and the main card even though the length of the overall presentation was a bit challenging in which to remain engaged for approximately 5+ hours. Again, I will discuss the entire Summer Slam week with Mike Johnson on the new Ross Report podcast that we will record Monday night after RAW.

I enjoyed the submission finishers utilized at various times on the show and the overall effort of the talents. The physicality of the Fatal Fourway was off the charts and, as I predicted, Lesnar retaining was the right thing to do and it is obvious that many fans want a Lesnar vs Strowman bout somewhere in the foreseeable future....Wrestlemania? Much more on this matter on the Ross Report.

Lita and I voiced over 16 Mae Young Classic bouts Wednesday in a marathon production session that yielded some excellent results of which you can see and hear beginning Monday August 28 on the WWE Network. I have truly enjoyed working on this project and feel that we are collectively doing a good thing for all the women who have contributed to the genre and who have campaigned for simply better opportunities as it relates to their in ring careers. The first four Mae Young Classic shows will begin airing in succession Monday night August 28 and I hope that you will give these broadcasts a shot. As a wrestling fan, you will be happy that you did.

We will take our RINGSIDE Show to Laugh Boston on Saturday afternoon December 16 which is the day before the TLC event in Boston. Tickets are on sale now at www.laughboston.com. My pal, the talented Jeremy Borash will be our MC in Boston!

Remember that you can order JR's delicious products from www.wweshop.com and have it delivered to your home or where ever you choose. Great grililng and kitchen tag team parttners for sure.

The Q&A's here on the site are updated. Please keep your queries succinct and ask only one question please.

Hope to finish the audio version of our autobiography, 'SlobberKnocker: My Life in Wrestling' by week's end. Tough assignment but one that will be extremely unique for consumers of our book as it's a cool way to listen to the story of my journey.

Congrats to @JimCornette for celebrating 35 yeas in the wrestling biz. Without question, JC is one of the absolute best to ever do his craft and is arguably at the top of a crowded list of marvelous managers who have graced the squared circle. Corney was also one of my favorite broadcast partners ever and I hope that he can help Impact Wrestling recapture their much needed mojo.

Funny how some folks go into business for themselves when interpreting comments that I make including those with Paul Heyman Friday night in NYC. We were asked a question about Joey Ryan who is a talented wrestler with a unique 'gimmick' that might not be for everyone. I have no issues with Joey Ryan on any thing as he is staying booked, he's earning a living, he's entertaining his audience and he's apparently having fun with his unorthodox in ring presentation. Some wrestling websites need to be more creative on their attempt to create click bait.

You can connect with us on Twitter @JRsBBQ and on Facebook and Instragram at JimRossBBQ.

Headed back ot LA for AXSTV next week to spend two, full days voicing over NJPW G1 Tournament bouts with Josh Barnett. The new G1 bouts started airing on @AXSTV this past Friday night and will continue on Friday nights for the next several weeks.

Have a blessed day and an even better week. Maximize life's minutes!

Boomer Sooner!



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