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JR's Blog: RINGSIDE @DCImprov This Thursday Night! Schiavone to Ross Report, JR/King to Icons of Wrestling Sat in Philly, SlobberKnocker Audio Book, @HeymanHustle

JR's Blog:  RINGSIDE @DCImprov This Thursday Night! Schiavone to Ross Report, JR/King to Icons of Wrestling Sat in Philly, SlobberKnocker Audio Book, @HeymanHustle

Posted: Aug 8th 2017 By: Jim Ross

Greetings to everyone and thanks for stopping by our site. Another big week that includes travel to Washington, D.C. and to Philadelphia this week. plus, a Ross Report recording Monday night after RAW with Tony Schiavone. Don't sorry bout the mules...just load the wagon.

Exited to be returning to our nation's capital this Thursday night at the @DCImprov for one, RINGSIDE with Jim Ross Show with noted, DC radio personality @ChadDukes as our guest M.C. Tickets will be available at the venue Thursday or in advance now at www.dcimprov.com. We had about 30 VIP tickets left for the pre show meet/greet/photos portion of the show on Monday.

Tickets for our Summer Slam Kickoff show on Friday August 18 at the Gotham Comedy Club are selling briskly for a show that will feature the great @HeymanHustle Paul Heyman joining me on stage for the Q&A portion of our show. This combined effort has been years in the making and I hope that you are looking forward to it s much as I am. Tickets are available at www.gothamcomedyclub.com. Busted Open Radio's Dave LaGreca and Larry Dallas will M.C. this historic show.

This Saturday August 12 from 10 am-2 om I will team with HOFer Jerry Lawler at the Icons of Wrestling Convention at the 2300 Arena in Philly. Lots of top, wrestling personalities will be on hand to meet, etc including a rare reunion of "JR and the King."

Never a good time for injures in any endeavor but it looks as if both Bayley and Scott Dawson of Revival will miss Summer Slam with injuries. There's no good time to be injured but the key ingredient is how does one strategize and execute coming back better than when they were before they were injured? Mental preparation for one's craft doesn't have to stop because of a ruptured bicep or separated shoulder. Bayley is as good as there is in the women's division in WWE while The Revival boys are one of my favorite tag teams to come along in years and remind me so much of Jim Cornette's famed, Midnight Express teams.

I began reading our autobiography, 'SlobberKnocker: My Life in Wrestling' Monday at a studio in Norman Monday for the audio version of our book that is to be released in October. I have to admit that this project is one of the more challenging assignments that I've had in a while as my story is honest, raw, and touches so many nerves including memories of my late parents and, of course, of my late wife Jan. We will have a new cover that will include the late, Scott Williams on it plus a few, other subtle tweaks. Scott Williams was a huge help in getting our story off the ground before his untimely passing in 2016. For any one to think that we would ever consider not respecting Scott's contributions and existing business arrangement is a great example of some folks being grossly misinformed or misguided.

I am very proud of this project and the blessed life that i have been able to live in the wacky wrestling biz and hope that you will consider pre ordering our book at www.amazon.com. Thanks.

On Friday morning live in his studio I will join my former broadcast partner Taz on his popular, morning show on CBS. I can't wait to have some fun on the morning of our Gotham Comedy Club adventure with Paul Heyman.

Voiced over 11 bouts with @JoshLBarnett in this year's G1 Tournament this past Friday with more VO's coming at the end of the month back in the @AXSTV studios in Los Angeles. Fundamentally strong in ring action was prevalent for this popular tournament that is an annual affair in NJPW. AXSTV wants an athletic, TV presentation as best as Josh and I can do it and that's what we do our best to provide. Our style on this show is intentionally different thst virually any other pro wrestling TV show thst currently airs. We don't have live events, PPV's, merch, etc to promote. Our show has to sound different, right?

I get asked often about the WWE U.K. TV Show that has been discussed sporadically over the past several months and I don't have an update except to say that the idea is still alive and well. I hope to be included with Nigel McGuiness on the broadcast team if and when it happens.

Excited to be closer by the day to OU Football season kicking off as my goal this year to to attend every Sooner game both at home and away. I will be traveling with my Sooner [al Wallis Marsh to Columbus, Ohio for the OU vs Ohio Stare national showdown.

Worked last Thursday in LA with ESPN's @MichelleDBeadle on a TV, comedy project. It went well and the multiple episodes will be airing this Fall and more details as to where and when are forthcoming. Nonetheless it was a blast and Michelle is a true star.

Excited fro my long time pal Ted DiBiase new film, 'The Price of Fame' to be released in November via www.fathomevents.com. Check out this great story. The MDM has come a long way since I drove Lee Roy McGuirk to Shreveport TV in the 70's with the plan to "Murder Ted DiBiase." I need to get Teddy back on our podcast soon.

Excited to welcome long time friend @TonySchiavone24 to the Ross Report Podcast this week after a huge #'s week thanks to an appearance on our show by @WWEHOFerSunny aka Tammy Stych. Tony is another great guest who is killing it in the podcast biz with the high potentate of podcasting @HeyHeyItsConrad aka Conrad Thompson.

Excited to be attending the Philadelphia Phillies game this Friday night in Philly before my appearance on Saturday at the Icons of Wrestling event.

Curious to see how the Jinder Mahal vs Shinsuke Nakamura title bout at Summer Slam evolves. The Two main events for the WWE and the Universal Titles at Summer Slam are compelling regrding the strategy component IMO. It's certainly an opportunity to enhance the TV personas of multiple talents i.e. "Maximize One's Minutes."

If only the winners 'get over,' then is the presentation truly effective?

Grill with us this summer via www.wweshop.com and www.americansoda.co.uk for fast, home delivery of our delicious products. We thank you.

JimRossBBQ on Facebook and Instragram.

Have a great week and I hope to see you this Thursday in D.C. at the DC Improv and Saturday in Philly at the Icons of Wrestling event.

Remember that our tomorrow's are never guaranteed.

Boomer Sooner!



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