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JR's Blog: LaughBoston on Sale Tuesday, RINGSIDE @DCImprov and @GothamComedy, Brock-Bones a Lock, Remembering Hot Rod, Paige Belongs in WWE

JR's Blog:  LaughBoston on Sale Tuesday, RINGSIDE @DCImprov and @GothamComedy, Brock-Bones a Lock, Remembering Hot Rod, Paige Belongs in WWE

Posted: Aug 1st 2017 By: Jim Ross

Greetings everyone and thanks for the visit to our site. Busy week on tap so let's kick this thing off...

Tickets go on sale tomorrow morning (Tuesday) at 10 am ET at for our Saturday December 16 matinee of our RINGSIDE Show in Boston which will be our first in that market. Go VIP and enjoy the pre show event that includes a meet/greet/photo Op and more that's limited to 100 folks.

Our visit to the D.C. Improv is coming up soon as we will be in our nation's capital on Thursday night August 10 and tickets are still available at DC radio personality Chad Dukes will join me for this show that sold out when we were two years ago.

We will kick off Summer Slam weekend in NYC/Brooklyn on Friday night August 19 at the Gotham Comedy club with our RINGSIDE Show that will feature a very special guest. Tickets are on sale at

I love doing these shows especially the meet/greets plus the uncensored Q&A's are always different and fresh. Join me if you can and thanks for the support.

Remember that every bottle of JR's products sold at Ingles Markets throughout the southeast USA results in a donation to for Headlock on Hunger. has been running some nice promotions on our products at their site. WWE Shop does a spectacular job of order fulfillment getting your order to you fast and efficiently.

The Q&A's here on the site are updated.

Sobering to think of losing Rowdy Roddy Piper two years ago of cardiac arrest at the age of 61. Roddy, Dusty Rhodes and I were all in the same era so when one of my own peers passes away it is an eye opener and a not so subtle reminder that our tomorrow's are never guaranteed. Hot Rod was a gifted performer who had natural timing and skills, skills that the Canadian learned on the road of life. Roddy was an amazing talent and a deep thinking, introspective individual who I truly loved conversing with, well, at least more often than not. Roddy's passion was infectious and it's the one thing that every talent earning a living in the mat game today can take away from Roddy Piper's career and that was his genuine love for the business of pro wrestling.

I've got no dog in the hunt on this matter, but since many have asked me about this I'll simply say that I'd love to see Paige back in the WWE competing with the talented, women's roster that's in place. Paige has incredible skills and I only hope that this potential opportunity to resume her career in WWE when she's healthy is taken seriously by all involved. There is no where else in the world for women wrestlers to do better financially than in WWE. Plus there is no better time to be a women's wrestler than now in @WWE.

Jon Jones challenged Brock Lesnar after Jones KO win over Daniel Cromier at UFC 124 Saturday night and the UFC found out when they needed to know and that it that the public will buy a Bones-Brock battle in the Octagon. I'm thinking to the tune of 1M buys on PPV when this one likely happens in 2018. This main event gives UFC a 'hit,' without question, while they await other stars to either return to form (GSP) (McGregor) or continue to evolve as legit, PPV selling main eventers.

Also, I don't see any scenario at this time that would drive any wedges between Lesnar and WWE regarding the WWE star being able to go collect a massive, seven figure plus payday while keeping his name in the public eye.

Ironically, word on the street is that Jones is also interested in a WWE payday some day in the future which adds some irony to the Bones-Brock UFC scenario.

Athletes are arguably smarter today than ever before and they realize that these massive paydays are not going to last forever plus the fact that no one ever has "enough money" contrary to public sentiment from those who actually don't have enough money.

Bones hand speed and reach will be problematic for Lesnar when they do tangle as Brock's striking defense will have to be spot on if the bigger grappler has any chance of winning on his way to a fully stocked pay window.

Sentimentally, I would have liked to be in Pittsburgh tonight for Raw as Pitt was wife Jan's hometown and I'm sure that if she were still alive that we would have been in the 'Burgh Monday night.

Recording the Ross Report tonight with Tammy Stych aks Sunny for this week's podcast. Should be interesting so be sure to subscribe for FREE at Apple Podcasts and at Thanks for downloading and listening to our weekly audio show.

Enjoy your day/night and thanks for the visit.

Boomer Sooner!



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