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JR's Blog: JR's MITB Thoughts, @DCImprov, @GothamComedy, Ross Report News, Let's Grill, @Headlockhunger

JR's Blog:  JR's MITB Thoughts, @DCImprov, @GothamComedy, Ross Report News, Let's Grill, @Headlockhunger

Posted: Jun 20th 2017 By: Jim Ross

Greetings to all and thanks for paying us a visit. ICYMI, you can get ticket info and buy tickets for our upcoming events right here on the site. The Ross Report Podcast is also available here on the homepage with the simple click. The Q&A's are updated too.

Busy week as I will be traveling to Asheville, North Carolina to participate in the annual, Headlock on Hunger/Ingles Market food drive on Wednesday at the Ingles store on Tunnel Road along side Adam 'Edge' Copeland and and his fellow @WWE Hall of Fame wife Beth Copeland.

Excited to land a venue in NYC to present RINGSIDE with Jim Ross Show to kickoff Summer Slam weekend. We will be at the Gotham Comedy Club, 208 West 23rd St, on Friday night August 18 with one show only at 7:30 pm. Tickets go on sale next Tuesday June 27 at www.gothamcomedyclub.com.

Only 100 VIP meet/greet/photos tickets will be available for NYC. Grab your seats for this show early as we have some significant developments planned and that's not simple hyperbole.

Watched MITB on the WWE Network Sunday night via my Apple TV and it looked super on my big screen. I thought the show closing MITB match was excellent and I want to commend all involved for executing the game plan. These matches are painful for the talents specifically when bouncing off inanimate objects. I loved everyone's efforts and was especially impressed with AJ Styles and Kevin Owens who seemingly went well above the call of duty.

Unlike some fans who follow me on Twitter @JRsBBQ, and thanks if you do, I am more interested in execution and effort than I am the results of most matches including the MITB bouts Sunday night. This PPV was one primarily positioned to future developing storylines with Summer Slam in particular in WWE's creative cross hairs.

I have zero issues with 'predictability' if it is the right thing to do.

Loved Booker T on the pre game show as he seemed to be "Red Bull Ready" in his role with Renee Young and Sam Roberts. Enjoyed their differing takes on the matches.

James Ellsworth winning the MITB match for Carmella was controversial to say the least and one can likely expect that matter to be followed up on significantly on Tuesday's SDLIve. Ellsworth could have a trip to the woodshed in his immediate future by a bevy of hostile ladies.

Enjoyed the work of the Usos and New Day but felt that the conclusion of the tag title bout was not as well received as many would have preferred. I'm not sure in today's marketplace just how effective a countout ending is.

...and to think that time limit draws are rarely utilized any where in the business to any significant degree and that particular conclusion is so organic and understandable.

Naomi is much better than many fans give her credit for being. Also, hats off to Lana who stepped into the deep water on PPV with little experience.

Endorse the hiring of Mike and Maria Kanellis and Mike discarding his last name Bennett to take Maria's name is a 'heat seeker' and in a good way IMO. Quality people added to the locker room is always a good thing.

It was fun seeing the 'St Louis Legends' on display at the MITB event. TV time and a payday works for me.

Smart booking to see Jinder Mahal retain the @WWE Title IMO. Orton is 'over' and Jinder is a significant work in progress whose every TV outing is critical. I have always enjoyed when a promotion has a viable, villain champ that the others are chasing.

Apparently, I am told that Baron Corbin was the heavy betting favorite to win the MITB bout which surprised me a bit until I realized that apparently info had been 'leaked.' Whether that is true or not, if the plan is to build Corbin into a potential main eventer, then I like what went down.

Momentum and winning go together and are imperative elements to getting any talent 'over.' Once they are 'over,' the wins can be more selective.

One of the highlights of the night for me was when AJ and Nakamura, moved the ladder aside, an interesting symbolic gesture, and physically engaged with each other. I'd love to see Styles vs Shinsuke at WM33 in NOLA in 2018.

Bottom line is that the men in the MITB match stole the show in St Louis.

Tickets are selling fast for the RINGSIDE with Jim Ross Show at the DC Improv on Thursday night August 10. Join talented, DC radio personality @ChadDukes and me for one show only in our nation's capital! Visit www.dcimprov.com for tickets and show info or right here on our homepage.

Recording our 175th Ross Report Podcast tonight with Jason Powell of Pro Wrestling Dot Net. A new show drops every Tuesday night at 9 ET/6PT at www.podcastone.com, Apple Podcasts and on this homepage.

Excited to help out Headlock on Hunger this week in Asheville and hope that if you're in the area Wednesday tha you help the kids out with your non perishable food items at Ingles on Tunnel Road in Asheville. Helping those less fortunate is a wonderful thing.

Love for you to grill with us this summer and you can get JR's sauces, etc delivered to your home from www.wweshop.com and www.americansoda.co.uk.

JimRossBBQ on Instragram and Facebook.

Boomer Sooner!



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