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JR's Blog: New, JR's Blog, Crazy Schedule Approaches, @McGuinessNigel @zaniesrosemont, Okada-Shibata, RKO-Mahal @RoderickStrong

JR's Blog:  New, JR's Blog, Crazy Schedule Approaches, @McGuinessNigel @zaniesrosemont, Okada-Shibata, RKO-Mahal @RoderickStrong

Posted: May 11th 2017 By: Jim Ross

Hello from Norman, Oklahoma and thanks for visiting our site. We have a compelling new Ross Report live right now with @PatLaprade joining me for the first time to talk about his new book 'Sisterhood of the Squared Circle.' Please check it out and leave us a comment and a five star rating at @ApplePodcasts.

Getting excited about my upcoming schedule that includes a trip to LA for AXSTV to voice over seven more NJPW shows, a flight from LAX to NYC for WWE to voice over the most recent U.K. content from Norwich, England and then on to Chicago for media on Friday and our RINGSIDE Show at Zanies in Rosemont on Sunday May 21 at 2 pm before Backlash at the All State Arena which is only three miles away from Zanies.

One of the matches for NJPW is the much ballyhooed match between Kazuchika Okada vs Katsuyori Shibata which I can;t wait to sink my teeth into.

General Admission tickets for our Zanies show are available at www.ticketfly.com for only $25. Love for you to join @JeremyBorash and me in Chicagoland before @WWE Backlash and our show wil lbe over by approximately 3:30 which gives one and all plenty of time to get to the All State Arena for that night's big event. VIP tickets for our pre show meet/greet sold out the first morning that tickets went on sale.

Watching both RAW and SD Live from London this week reminded me of a great, HBK vs Cena match on RAW in April 2007 which still stands out to this day as one of the best matches ever on RAW TV.

Anyone else growing weary from trying to avoid the incessant postings of "Spoilers" that has permeated the internet this week as it relates to WWE's TV tapings in London? I get that everyone is trying to scoop the other but I'm simply not a fan of "Spoilers."

We recorded a terrific conversation Monday night for next week's Ross Report podcast with @RoderickStrong that you are going to love. He talks about being trained by @ShawnMichaels, his transition to the WWE Performance Center and Roddy's own MT Rushmore of pro wresting. A new show drops every Tuesday night at 9 PM ET on www.podcastone.com, @ApplePodcasts and here on the homepage of our site.

Roddy Strong is one of the best talents in the world and his main roster debut is inevitable and I expect Strong to make an immediate impact in @WWE on either RAW or SD Live.

Strong build continues for Jinder Mahal as he prepares to main event against Randy Orton for the WWE Title at Backlash. I am enjoying this build for multiple reasons not the least being that it is a new match with a solid story behind it. There is no reason that this match should not deliver in a big way when these two meet.

Looking forward to hopefully watching Backlash live from the arena and am especially curious to see the Ziggler vs Nakamura bout that I expect to be spectacular.

The six man tag on SD Live delivered the way a show closing bout should and Mahal beating the champion in a tag match was timely and made sense.

A good thing that I see in the current WWE Title business is that several talents are being vocal about their desire to be WWE Champion. That is a storyline that should be a fixture more weeks than not on both RAW and SD Live.

Why wouldn't everyone the roster want to be their brand's top champ?

Very proud of Dave Batista for his post WWE career success and who debuted in WWE 15 years ago and was a member of arguably our of our greatest recruiting class when Dave joined John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, and Sheldon Benjamin in OVW in Louisville back in the day.

The feedback on the announcement that I will team with Nigel McGuinness on the broadcast team for the WWE U.K. content that was taped in Norwich last weekend has been stellar. I am truly excited to be a part of something new for me with a new partner and new bouts to call.These shows will be WWE Network specials and their airdates will be released soon. Nigel has excellent product knowledge and is keenly familiar with the British talents which will help our broadcast immensely. Can't wait to get started on this project.

VIP and General Admission tickets for our RINGSIDE Show on Thursday August 10 at 8 PM at the DC Improv are available at www.dcimprov.com. Join us!

Great to catch up with @SteveAustin this week for a few minutes and we plan on collaborating on a podcast in the future. Steve has done a helluva job developing his Broken Skull Challenge TV concept/brand for CMT.

The Q&A's elsewhere here on the site are updated.

Follow me on Twitter @JRsBBQ.

We are still receiving well wishes from around the Globe regarding my wife Jan's untimely and unnecessary death as a result of a vehicular accident on March 20 literally one minute from our home. This matter remains surreal to me and, as the Eagles sing, "This big old house gets lonely.." but I'm navigating this challenging journey as best that I can and your support has been a blessing.

There's no manual on grieving that I've seen but I can tell you that my many friends and fans have motivated me to stay busy and to continue to be productive while moving forward positively with my life.

My condolences go out to the Chris Berman family as @ESPN Berman's wife was killed in a car accident this week.

Good time to stock up on JR's delicious condiments including our BBQ sauces, Chipotle Ketchup Main Event Mustard and All Purpose Seasoning at www.wweshop.com and in Britain from www.americansoda.co.uk. Fast, home delivery awaits.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope to see you back again soon.

Be nice to others...

Boomer Sooner!



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