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JR's Blog: @WWE Booking,@RoderickStrong to Ross Report, Zanies Rosemont Tkts Available, @CACReunion, @DCImporv

JR's Blog:  @WWE Booking,@RoderickStrong to Ross Report, Zanies Rosemont Tkts Available, @CACReunion, @DCImporv

Posted: May 9th 2017 By: Jim Ross

Hello everyone and thanks for paying us a visit. Between attending the CAC in Vegas last week and battling the flu, I have been absent here but will make up for lost time over the next few days. Let's roll...

Tonight (Monday) I will be putting the finishing touches on this week's Ross Report Podcast with Montreal's Pat Laprade who has written 'Sisterhood of the Squared Circle' a fascinating story of the controversial world of women's wrestling from the 1930's until now. This is a helluva interview thanks to the unbelievable story of women's wrestling which has multiple facets that you will have to hear and read to believe.

Please head to @ApplePodcasts and leave us a five star rating and brief comment for the Ross Report and accept our thanks.

Even though we are sold out of VIP tickets for our RINGSIDE Show in Chicagoland at Zanies in Rosemont on Sunday afternoon May 21 at 2 pm before WWE Backlash, we still have general admission tickets available for only $25 at Join our esteemed MC @JeremyBorash and me for a fun show highlighted by your Q&A's.

We have both VIP and General Admission tickets still available for our Thursday August 10 RINGSIDE Show at the DC Improv at Our last show there sold out and tickets are selling fast for this one that will be MC'ed by DC radio personality @ChadDukes.

Enjoyed attending the Cauliflower Alley Club's 52nd Annual Banquet in Las Vegas last week and seeing so many old friends and fans which is always heartwarming. CAC is an amazing o, non profit organization that helps wrestlers and their families who are in need of assistance. The dues are only $25 annually and you can get more info at

Anyone who is a true fan of the pro wrestling biz or that earns a living via the biz that isn't a CAC member should be ashamed of themselves. ("Case Closed" my Ernie Ladd voice)

The feedback from our informal focus group that is reading advance copies of our autobiography 'SlobberKnocker: My Life in Wrestling' has been extreme;ly positive which makes Paul O'Brien and me happy. We are on target to see our work released in October as previously schedued by Skyhorse Publishing. You can order an advance copy at

With Sinclair Broadasting buying Tribune Media Co for $3.9 Billion could mean that Sinclair's ROH Wrestling might have the opportunity grow their brand if Sinclair decides to go in that direction. It will be interesting to see what direction ROH travels after this buyout is completed. Could be some interesting times ahead for ROH.

We have finalized a new partnership with an Australian firm to distribute JR's' products globally so 2017 could prove to be a difference maker for our family biz. I'm pretty sure that my Mom and wife Jan and smiling from heaven regarding this development. More details soon.

Receiving questions regularly whether I think that Hulk Hogan wil ever return to WWE at some point in a yet to be determined role or merely for a guest appearance. I am not in that loop and have no inside info but my gut tells me that HH will return to WWE at some point in the future when all parties are comfortable with the reunion. I think that Hulk and WWE should try and do some business.

The Q&A's are updated elsewhere here on the site.

AXSTV has finalized their broadcast plans with NJPW for the July 1-2 weekend in Long Beach, California and the official announcement will be made on May 18. You're going to like what you hear.

I'm excited to announce that I will join the talented Nigel McGuinness to broadcast the recently taped, WWE matches from Norwich, England and these bouts will air on the WWE Network soon. Happy for this opportunity to call bouts involing new wrestlers, for me, and a new broadcast partner which freshens up all facets of the process. Stay tuned as to when these specials will be broadcast on the WWE Network which is still the best value in the land for only $9.99 per month.

WWE has other bookings for me as well and we will announce them when they are completely finalized. So, "Business is Picking Up!" I am happy to say.

Visit for a cool shirt in sizes up to 5X and we ship worldwide.

Enjoy your day and please consider subscribing to our Ross Report Podcast at @ApplePodcasts. Thanks!

Count your blessings daily....

Boomer Sooner!



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