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JR's Blog: SuperStar Shakeup Thoughts, The Deuce is on the Loose, @MsCharlotteWWE, Miz & Maryse, @iLikeSamiZayn, the Sleeper?

JR's Blog:  SuperStar Shakeup Thoughts, The Deuce is on the Loose, @MsCharlotteWWE, Miz & Maryse, @iLikeSamiZayn, the Sleeper?

Posted: Apr 13th 2017 By: Jim Ross

Greetings one and all and thanks for the visit to our site. Excited about our new, Ross Report Podcast with Debra Miceli aka Madusa that is available now at iTunes, www.podcastone.com and right here on our homepage. 'Deuce is a helluva guest with strong opinions and great stories and experiences. Take a minutia and hit iTunes on our behalf and leave the all important feedback and a potential, five star rating. We appreciate it.

Heading to LAX soon to join Josh Barnett at the AXSTV studios to voice over seven, NJPW shows that will air on Friday nights at 8/7 CT. With AXS starting to edit their own NJPW shows the turn around time will be greatly reduced.

We are on Facebook at JimRossBBQ.

Enjoyed jumping on Chicago's ESPN 1000 with Jonathan Hood Tuesday night to promote our RINGSIDE Show at the Zanies in Rosemont on Backlash Sunday afternoon at 2 pm before the WWE's extravaganza in the All State Arena later that night. General Admission tickets are available for only $30 while they last at www.ticketfly.com. Our show time is 2 PM and will end at approximately 3:30 which gives everyone plenty of time to make the easy, three mile drive from Zanies to the Arena for Backlash.Excited to have @JeremyBorash with us again as our MC.

Superstar Shakeup Thoughts:

I like the concept of freshening up the rosters therefore creating new rivalries and matches. The success of failure of this exercise is going to be largely be up to the talents to be able to make whatever they are handed, work.

Legit stars generally find a way but they have to be confident, bold and willing to take a chance notwithstanding doing all that they can to improve their respective game every day to some degree.

Both brands seem to have had good nights with the reimbursement of key talents. Only time will tell regarding this matter if it will be considered a success or not but it looks as if it's off to a good start.

Charlotte is a great choice to build the SDLIVE Women's division around as she's potentially the Austin/Rock equivalent in the world of WWE women's wrestling. Athletes, no matter their gender, don't come along like @MsCharlotteWWE perhaps once in a generation, if we're lucky.

New Day adds to the star power of SDLIVE plus it also provides the brand multiple options going forward as it relates to the three, talented athletes.

Excited to see the continued growth and TV persona development between Miz and Maryse who I feel have just scratched the surface on how good they can become.

Love that Dean Ambrose is going to RAW as it gives him, like everyone else, a timely, fresh start. Ambrose is another talent who should continue to improve and up his game as he has "it" and should be able to contribute at the top of the card for years to come if he remains committed to being better tomorrow than he is today.

That analogy goes for all of us in every walk of life...be better tomorrow than we were today.

The potential of Rusev and Lana is untapped and the better they both become in their respective and unique roles the more money this married couple can earn. I embrace their upside. The toughest learning curve might be for Lana who is compelled to master the skill set of her unique role.

The female aspect of the RAW roster also has some potentially intriguing storylines. I like that talent mix especially the skilled Mickie James and rising star Alexa Bliss and what they can bring to the Monday night brand.

Kevin Owens who is one of my favorite in ring talents currently in the biz is a terrific 'get' for SDLIVE as he can carry any title and have main event level bouts with a variety of his peers. The "Big Cowboy" would have loved @FightOwensFight.

Saw another glimpse of just how good Sami Zayn can be this week and hope that him going to SD will provide Sami the opportunity that he needs to elevate himself on the roster. Zayn has an amazing skill set.

Bottom line on the Superstar Shakeup is that it feels like WWE got their choices right but it will, again, be largely up to the talents to make this game plan work. Time will tell but this will work if the talents involved take this opportunity to up their focus, preparation and other significant aspects of their vocation.

Enjoyed the Reigns-Strowman business Monday night on RAW. It felt like an old school, Mid South matter from back in the day. It will be even more effective if Roman Reigns is away for a extended length of time 'recovering.'

Nakamura is the most unique, main event, fan favorite talent that WWE has promoted in years and arguably forever. Asian, fan favorites are a rarity in North America but the fans seem to adore the charismatic former MMA star.

According to Renee Young's Twitter, she and Dean Ambrose are married. My congrats to both these very nice people and I wish them years of happiness.

AJ Styles is arguably and potentially the hottest fan favorite currently residing on WWE TV who is not officially on that side of the fence. It's tough to boo a wrestler in today's presentation of the genre who is a s good as AJ.

Order JR's online with fast, home delivery from www.wweshop.com and in Britain and Europe from www.americansoda.co.uk. Thanks!

For those asking my thoughts on the Mauro Ranallo status, I cover that in this week's Ross Report Podcast that's available to be downloaded for free from iTunes and www.podcastone.com.

The Q&A's here on the site are undated.

Enjoy your day and count your blessings and remember that our tomorrow's are never guaranteed.

Boomer Sooner!



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