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A Request From Missy Hyatt

A Request From Missy Hyatt

Posted: Mar 8th 2017 By: Missy Hyatt

Over the last 14 years, I have devoted my home and my spare time in taking in unwanted Jack Russell terriers in order to adopt out, rather than risk them being euthanized at the animal shelter. I have been very successful in finding many dogs homes. The ones that stay with me long term are the one’s that are undesired based on behavioral issues or age.

Recently Vegas Hyatt was diagnosed with stage 2 histamine in his leg (One tumor in the skin with lymph node involvement). The surgery will cost over $2,000 to remove it. Vegas runs of having less than a year to live without the surgery.

I’m selling an autographed picture and a WCW trading card of myself with shipping for $13. All monies will go to Vegas after shipping. If anyone is interested in helping Vegas out, you can order the autographed merchandise by Paypal at Proof of Vegas's medical bill is available by request if you make a purchase.

I don’t ask for a Wrestlemania moment or Hall Of Fame rings. All I ever seek at this point in my life is the happiness for unwanted dogs.

Missy Hyatt
1st Lady Of Wrestling


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