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JR's Blog: Ross Report Podcast, RINGSIDE in Orlando Tickets,True Destiny PPV, Seth Rollins, Cory Graves, XFL on ESPN

JR's Blog:  Ross Report Podcast, RINGSIDE in Orlando Tickets,True Destiny PPV, Seth Rollins, Cory Graves, XFL on ESPN

Posted: Feb 6th 2017 By: Jim Ross

Greetings to all and welcome back to our site. Thanks for stopping by and may I suggest that you bookmark our site and visit often. It's Super Bowl week and we are anxious to see if the Atlanta Falcons, my old broadcast team, can unset the New England Patriots down in Houston.

Fans enjoying this week's Ross Report podcast with both Jason Powell of and Tyrus @PlanetTyrus of Impact Wrestling and Fox News Greg Guttfield show. It's 90 + minutes of infotainment without question that i know that you will enjoy. It's a FREE show at and iTunes plus right here on the homepage of our site.

Next week, Tuesday February 7, my show with Bruce Prichard drops at 9 pm ET while the following week, Feb 14, it's Ryback and then on February 21 on TRR I will welcome my former broadcast partner and current UFC broadcaster Todd Grisham to the show to talk about his WWE, ESPN and now UFC career.

We had meetings this week to discuss our two, RINGSIDE with Jim Ross Shows in Orlando at Plaza Live during Wrestlemania weekend. Talking about adding some guests, perhaps even giving both shows themes and enhancing the audience participation component with the fans via an enhanced Q&A session both Saturday and Sunday at Noon. The VIP meet/greet. photo op, autographs, chat will be from noon-2 pm just for the VIP ticketholders and the doors open at 2 for a 2:30 pm start time for our two shows and both will end at approximately 4 pm. Only a limited number of VIP tickets remain and General Admission tickets are also available starting at only $25.

Tickets can be acquired for our two Wrestlemania Shows in Orlando by visiting

Doing some prep work for the What Culture Pro Wrestling PPV on Sunday February 12 that will be available on PPV via the FITE App. It looks like on paper that this is going to be one helluva pro wrestling card as it relates to the in ring content. The WCPW folks do a great booking job for their big shows especially and this 'True Destiny' event is certainly a big show without question. I'm working with the "Eddie Haskell of Pro Wrestling Broadcasters" the esteemed Matt Striker who I look forward to working with for the first time since Wrestle Kingdom 9 in the Tokyo Dome.

If this is the last Kurt Angle bout that I ever broadcast I certainly want it go be memorable for the 2017 WWE Hall of Fame inductee.

Sad to hear that Seth Rollins re-injured his knee Monday night on Raw while being assaulted by Samoa Joe. A torn MCL generally takes about 6-8 weeks to heal and be cleared which might allow Rollins to go ahead with his match at Wrestlemania with HHH. This entire matter will depending on what Dr James Andrews staff has to say regarding clearing Rollins to return to the ring. Rollins showed magnificent resolve rehabbing his last knee injury and I have no doubt that he will do the same again with this less severe injury.

Plus I believe that HHH vs Rollins can be a tremendous match without it having to be laden with risky moves for move's sake. Unless Rollins experiences complications while rehabbing this latest injury, I am optimistic that the Rollins-HHH bout at Wrestlemania will proceed.

Our long awaited autobiography, which is being finished as we speak and will be turned in to our publisher, Skyhorse, on March 1, is scheduled to be in stores in October of this year. Paul O'Brien and I are excited for you to share our work later this year. Our working title is 'SlobberKnocker: My Life in Wrestling'

NJPW returns to AXSTV Friday night at 8/7 pm CT with the last week of content from Wrestle Kingdom 11.

The XFL 30 for 30 airs tonight on ESPN and because I wasn't contacted for the feature I have no idea what to expect from the 90 minute documentary. I had a great time that season and it certainy wasn't because of the money I was paid which was a whopping $1500 per game. I do know that the NFL shed no tears seeing the XFL fade away after only one season as the mighty NFL wanted their football space on national TV to be their's and their's alone. The irony is that the XFL, over time, could have been a cost efficient feeder system for the NFL that made more sense than financing a NFL league in Europe.

"Case Closed," per Ernie 'The Big Cat' Ladd.

Optimistic to hear a bit of the plans regarding Anthem's plans to resurrect Impact Wrestling. Cutting down their taping days to four days from over a week will result in a better product on all fronts. A few 'adds' and a couple of 'good byes' will enhance the Impact locker room which has a solid foundation to build around. Impact's biggest obstacle is to eventually strengthen their TV clearance in the USA.

As long as Anthem doesn't allow too many cooks in the creative kitchen and they rely on their wrestling people to manage the wrestling content, this brand has a chance to survive and grow over time.

Rumors abound that John Cena will be in a mixed tag bout at Wrestlemania teaming with Nikki Bella vs Mr and Mrs. Mike Mizanan. Further speculation is that it might well be Nikki's last bout and if so she could retire with her current, significant other, John Cena at her side. It does speak however as to what will be the disposition of the WWE Title that Cena has won or does it essentially say tha Cena may well lose the Title at the Elimination Chamber event later this month. If Miz and Maryse cost Cena John's 16th title in some form then the mixed tag concept for Wrestlemania has more credence.

Nice to see Corey Graves get such a classy send off from NXT as he will be moving exclusively to the RAW roster to broadcast with Michael Cole and Byron Saxton. Graves has a stellar upside and I expect him to continue to evolve and up his game and if he does he could make his mark in the pro wrestling broadcast game in a prominent way. Broadcasters, see Mike Goldberg of the UFC, are often times immediately forgotten when they leave a show, even under sensible circumstances. I thought Jerry Lawler would get some special treatment when he left the air on a regular basis after so many years in WWE. Graves is the brightest young, on air talent that WWE has developed in years and will certainly reunite with the talented Tom Phillips, who I am also a fan of, in the future one has to assume. Both Tom and Cory are keepers for sure. and are ready to ship JR's delicious products right to you front door.

Ingles Markets in the southeast USA proudly sells JR's products, too. has some really cool shirt styles awaiting your in sizes up to 5X and we ship everywhere.

Facebook is JimRossBBQ

Thanks, again for the visit, and check out the Q&A's elsewhere here on the site.

Boomer Sooner!



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