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Running Wolf

Running Wolf

Weight: 220 lbs

From: Bell, OK

Birthday: Aug 16th

Pro Debut: 1989

Feds Worked For: SPW, BCW, MSWA, NAW, SECW, TAP, 412PE, UWE, WWEmp, Global Wrestling Federation (KS), Independent Pro Wrestling (AR),Southern All-Star Wrestling (AR), Whiplash Wrestling (KS), World Class Championship Wrestling (AR)


Career Highlights: -412PE Champion (2x)
-GWF Tag Team Champion (w/ Kenjitsu)
-NAW Champion (3x)
-NAW Tag Team Champion (4x; 1 each w/ Justin Adams, J. R. Orullian, Ryan Reed, and Rolling Thunder)
-SPW Tag Team Champion (w/ Fuel)
-SPW Champion (3x)
-SAW Hardcore Champion
-World Class Tag Team Champion (w/ Billy Ray [1st])

Affiliates: Matt Riviera, Fuel, The Texas Outlaws, Trenchcoat Mafia

Notable Feuds: The Chinese Assassins, Team OMEGA, Trenchcoat Mafia, The New Texas Outlaws, Yalli Sapphire

Other Facts: -Son of pro wrestling referee Red River Jack 2nd
-Nephew of pro wrestler Billy Ray [1st]
-Husband of pro wrestling announcer/commissioner Amanda
-Sometimes billed from Tyler,TX or from a reservation in North Carolina
-Referee for TAP & UWE
-Masqueraded as The Unknown at an Independent Pro Wrestling event in Siloam Springs, AR in January 2010. He said he had stolen The Unknown's gear and mask earlier in the day.
-Former member of The Trenchcoat Mafia

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