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Kareem Sadat

Kareem Sadat Current BCW Independent Hardcore Champion

Nickname: The Oklahoma Hardcore Legend; The Strangler

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 210 lbs

From: Tehran, Iran

Birthday: Dec 20th

Pro Debut: 2000

Aliases: Jason Sanchez


Finisher: Egyptian Piledriver


Career Highlights: -AACW Hardcore Champion (2x)
-BCW Independent Hardcore Champion (2x)
-EmpCW Independent Hardcore Campion (3x)
-MSWA Mid-South Tag Team Champion (w/ Shane Sanchez)
-SWCW Champion
-SWCW All-American Champion
-SWCW Hardcore Champion (29x)
-SWCW Luchadore Champion
-SWCW Tag Team Champion (4x; 2 w/ Kevin James Sanchez, 1 each w/ Kevin Morgan & Rick Russo)

Affiliates: Chris Kuhn, Devastation, Inc.,Disciples of Allah, The Hardcore Connection, L. J. McDaniel, Maniac Mike, Shane Sanchez, Skandar Akbar, Korttni Sanchez, B. M. F.

Notable Feuds: Damien Morte, X-Rated, Maniacal Mike, Rick Garrett, Kevin James Sanchez, Rick Russo, L. J. McDaniels, Brock Landers

Other Facts: -Sometimes billed from Cairo, Egypt
-Father of pro wrestler Kareem Sadat, Jr.
-Husband of pro wrestler Korttni Sanchez. For a brief time they were billed as siblings.
-Brother-in-Law of pro wrestlers David Kyzer, Kevin James Sanchez, and Shane Sanchez. He and Kevin James Sanchez team together as The Brothers of Hardcore.
-Uncle of pro wrestler Blade [1st]
-Claims to be the winner of the Egyptian Cruiserweight Tournament in 2001, 2002, 2004, & 2005. No proper documentation of these tournaments has been found.
-Former Commissioner of SWCW
-Former member of B. M. F.
-Former member of The Disciples of Allah
-Former member of The Hardcore Connection
-Holds the record for the longest AACW Hardcore Title reign (6 months, 2 days)
-Voted Most Hated Wrestler of the Year by the AACW Fans in 2006.
-Voted Feud of the Year (vs. Rick Garrett) and Most Violent Wrestler of the Year in the 2011 SWCW Year-End Awards
-Voted Hardcore Wrestler of the Year and Wrestler of the Year in the 2012 SWCW Year-End Awards
-Ranked #31 in the 2006 Oklafan Top 50
-Ranked #14 in the 2007 Oklafan Top 50
-Ranked #32 in the 2010 Oklafan Top 50
-Ranked #23 in the 2011 Oklafan Top 50
-Ranked #20 in the 2012 Oklafan Top 50
-Ranked #22 in the 2013 Oklafan Top 50
-Ranked #44 in the 2014 Oklafan Top 50
-Ranked #24 in the 2016 Oklafan Top 50

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