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Anarchy 2nd

Anarchy 2nd

Nickname: The Suicide King; The Thrill-Killer; Second To None; The Suicide Saint

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 169 lbs

From: Boggy Depot, OK

Birthday: Apr 30th

Pro Debut: May 4, 2002

Aliases: Carnage, Fire

Feds Worked For: 3DW, 412PE, BCW, BPPW, ComPro, MERC, MSWA, NAW, NCW, OWA, SECW, SPW, SRPW, TAP, UWE, WFC, Buzzsaw Wrestling Alliance (TX), Future World Wrestling Association (AR), Global Wrestling Federation (KS), Hometown Heroes (KS), Independent Pro Wrestling (AR), Mid-States Wrestling (AR/KS/MO/OK), Whiplash Wrestling (KS)

Finisher: Thrill Kill, Spin Doctor

Signature Moves: Venzetti (Rope-walk Hurricanrana)


Career Highlights: -GWF Cruiserweight Champion
-GWF Tag Team Champion (w/ Fuel)
-NAW Lightweight Champion
-SECW Tri-State Champion
-SPW Tag Team Champion (w/ Fuel)
-SPW Cruiserweight Champion
-SPW Light Heavyweight Champion
-SPW Champion (2x)
-TAP Tag Team Champion (w/ Fuel)
-UWE Champion (4x)

Affiliates: The Asylum, Fuel, The Trench Coat Mafia, Zakk Sinizter, Big Smooth, The Goons

Notable Feuds: Christopher Fury, Fuel, Ghengis Kong/The Mercenary, Joey T, Jon Cross

Other Facts: -Graduated from Tahlequah High School in Tahlequah, OK
-Brother of pro wrestler Fuel. Together they are known as The Innovators or Fuel & Fire.
-Not to be confused with Anarchy that wrestled in OCW
-Although he was once known as Carnage, he is not the same wrestler who competed in IZW & GPCW.
-Once disguised himself as Glitch when he competed in the Rumble for a Cause at the January 2013 WFC event.
-Tagged with Fuel and lost his debut match to The Chinese Assassins.
-Voted Tag Team of the Year (w/ Fuel) in the 2013 WFC Year End Awards
-Former member of The Asylum
-Ranked #35 in the 2008 Oklafan Top 50
-Ranked #32 in the 2011 Oklafan Top 50
-Ranked #18 in the 2013 Oklafan Top 50
-Ranked #40 in the 2014 Oklafan Top 50
-Ranked #25 in the 2015 Oklafan Top 50

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