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Brandon Groom

Brandon Groom

Nickname: The Bodysnatcher; The Greek God; The Golden God; The Greco-Roman Oklahoman; The Brideless

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 240 lbs

From: Bristow, OK

Birthday: Jun 2nd

Pro Debut: 1999

Aliases: Brandon Babaganoush, Brandon Young, Brandon James

Feds Worked For: AWFUL, BB, BCW, BMLL, BPPW, BYEW, CCW, ComPro, CWE, DI2IW, ECW, EmpCW, FCW, IZW, MERC, MSPW, MSWA, MWA, NEW, NWA-OK, NWA-U, OCW, PWTV, SCW, SRPW, SWCW, TAP, TPW, UWE, WWE, WWG, !BANG! (FL), Central Wrestling Alliance (KS), Florida Championship Wrestling (FL); Global Wrestling Federation (KS), Hometown Heroes (KS), I Believe In Wrestling (FL), Lucha Xtreme (CA), Martinez Entertainment (KS), Memphis Championship Wrestling (TN), NWA South Atlantic Championship Wrestling (FL), Professional Championship Wrestling (TX), Pro Wrestling 2.0 (FL), Pro Wrestling RIOT (FL), River City Wrestling (TX), Southern Alliance Wrestling (AR), United States Championship Wrestling (FL), Universal Championship Wrestling (KS), USA Pro Wrestling (FL), World Revolutions Entertainment (AR)

Finisher: Fall From Grace (Airplane Death Valley Driver), The Body Snapper

Signature Moves: Superkick, German Suplex


Career Highlights: -BCW Champion
-BPPW Champion (2x)
-BPPW Oklahoma Champion (2x)
-GWF Champion
-Lucha Extreme Champion
-MSWA Oklahoma Champion
-NWA-OK Oklahoma Champion
-NWA-U Oklahoma Tag Team Champion (w/ American Anarchy)
-OCW Oklahoma Champion
-RCW Champion (Co-Champion w/ Michael Faith)
-SAW Intercontinental Champion
-SRPW Champion
-TAP Pure Xtreme Champion
-TOPW Oklahoma Champion
-UCW Champion

Affiliates: Summer Rain, Jason Jones, Brian Lakewood, American Anarchy, Xavier Knight, Thomas Thorn, Michael Faith

Notable Feuds: Rocco Valentino, Bobby Burns, Brent Albright, Michael Barry, The New Texas Outlaws, Fuel, Excellence Personified, The Asian Triad, Warhammer

Other Facts: -Graduated from Bristow High School where he was All State in wrestling.
-Sometimes billed from Tulsa, OK, Muskogee, OK, or New Athens.
-Former husband of pro wrestler/valet Summer Rain
-Former owner & promoter for FCW
-Attended Bacone College in Muskogee and was an All-American in wrestling in 2005
-Wrestled on "WWE Heat" and announced Al Snow referred to him as Brandon Babaganoush
-Wrestled on ECW using the name Brandon Young
-Wrestled as Brandon James on an episode of "WWE Superstars" on September 1, 2011. As James, he was billed from Wichita, KS.
-On March 14, 2009, it appeared that Brandon Groom had won the ComPro title when the referee (who had been knocked unconscious by Stevie Caballero earlier in the match) signalled for the bell as Brandon had Draven Cross in a submission hold. Brandon left with the belt, but the following week, owner Mike Two declared that the referee was actually signalling for a DQ and returned the belt to Cross.
-Holds the record as the longest reigning SRPW Champion (9 months, 19 days)
-Voted Match of the Year (vs. Slater Vain) and Feud of the Year (vs. Slater Vain) by the SRPW Fans in 2003.
-Ranked #11 in the 2005 Oklafan Top 50
-Ranked #16 in the 2009 Oklafan Top 50
-Ranked #41 in the 2012 Oklafan Top 50
-Ranked #39 in the 2013 Oklafan Top 50
-Ranked #36 in the 2016 Oklafan Top 50

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