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Paul Puertorico

Paul Puertorico Current WFC Hometown Heroes Champion

Nickname: The Tropical Storm; The Oklahoma Luchadore; The Extra Terrestrial

Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 175 lbs.

From: Planet Puerto Rico

Birthday: Jun 26th

Pro Debut: February 1999

Aliases: Tarantula

Feds Worked For: BMLL, BPPW, BCW, ComPro, IWR, MStW, MSWA, NWA-TXO, OPW, OWA, SRPW, UWE, WFC, Coastal Wrestling Federation (TX),, Midwest Wrestling Federation (KS), Hometown Heroes (KS)

Finisher: Tropical Storm

Signature Moves: OSM, 8 Legged Drop, Huracanrana, Brain Buster, Elbow Drop, Moonsault


Career Highlights: -ComPro Oklahoma X Division Champion (2x)
-MWF Tag Team Champion (2x; 1 each w/ Punisher & Jef Tiger)
-OPW Oklahoma Light Heavyweight Champion (2x)
-SRPW Tag Team Champion (w/ X-Cal)
-SRPW United States Champion
-WFC Hometown Heroes Champion (2x)

Affiliates: Steve Hartley, Punisher, Jef Tiger, Jimmy Kane, Ian St. James, Ichiban 2nd, Adam LaCroix, X-Cal, Robert Camacho, Tommy D, Spyder

Notable Feuds: Joey Casanova, Roberto Romero, Drake Gallows, Matt Majestic

Other Facts: -Formerly known as Tarantula, not to be confused with the Tarantula who competed in NWA-U and was a regular in Texas.
-Sometimes billed from Ponce, Puerto Rico
-Votetd Match of the Year (vs. Sam Stackhouse, Brock Landers, Luke Grayson and El Fuego del Sol in a 5-Way Ladder Match) in the 2015 MSWA Year-End Awards
-Voted Match of the Year (vs. Sam Stackhouse vs. Brock Landers vs. Luke Grayson vs. El Fuego del Sol) in the 2015 Oklafan Year-End Awards
-Ranked #23 in the 2013 Oklafan Top 50
-Ranked #5 in the 2014 Oklafan Top 50
-Ranked #27 in the 2015 Oklafan Top 50
-Ranked #41 in the 2016 Oklafan Top 50

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