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Joey Ryan

Joey Ryan Current ComPro Oklahoma X Division Champion

Nickname: The Technical Wizard; Magnum; The Highest Drawing Champion in PWG History; The Hollywood Submission Machine; Trending; King of Dong Style

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 209 lbs.

From: Los Angeles, CA

Birthday: Nov 7th

Pro Debut: July 7, 2000

Aliases: Joey Shadow, Chase Walker, Joey Hollywood, Joey Blalock

Feds Worked For: ComPro, ECW, GFW, ROH, TNA, WWE, All American Wrestling (IL), All Pro Wrestling (CA), All Star Wrestling (Canada), Alpha Omega Wrestling (CA), Alternative Wrestling Show (CA), American Combat Wrestling (FL), Anarchy Championship Wrestling (TX), Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment (GA), Atomic Championship Wrestling (PA), Atomic Wrestling Entertainment (FL), Bar Wrestling (CA), Battleground Pro Wrestling (CA), Beyond Wrestling (RI), Big Time Wrestling (CA), Brian Kendrick's Wrestling Pro Wrestling (CA), California Wrestling Alliance (CA), Cape Championship Wrestling (MO), Capital City Championship Combat (Canada), Championship Wrestling from Hollywood (CA), Chicago Style Wrestling (IL), CHIKARA, Cleveland Knight Championship Wrestling (OH), Combat Zone Wrestling, Deathproof Fight Club (Canada), DEFY Wrestling (WA), Desastre Total Ultraviolento (Mexico), Dramatic Dream Team (Japan), DREAMWAVE Wrestling (IL), Empire State Wrestling (NY), Empire Wrestling Federation (CA), EPIC Pro Wrestling WAR (CA), F1RST Wrestling (MN), Family Wrestling Entertainment (NY), FEST Wrestling (FL), Fight Club: PRO (England), Fight! Nation Wrestling (England), Fight Sports Midwest (IN), Fighting Spirit Pro (CA), Finest City Wrestling (CA), FIST Combat (CA), Five Borough Wrestling (NY), Florida Pro Wrestling Association (FL), Freakshow Wrestling (CA/NV), Freelance Wrestling (IL), Full Contact Wrestling LA (CA), Full Impact Pro (FL), GALLI Lucha Libre (IL), Grappling Entertainments Athletic Revolution (FL), High Risk Wrestling (CA), Hoodlam (CA), House of Hardcore, Impact Championship Wrestling (NY), Impact Zone Wrestling (AZ), Insane Championship Wrestling (Scotland), Insane Wrestling League (CA), Inspire Pro Wrestling (TX), International Championship Wrestling (CA), International Pro Wrestling United Kingdom (England), International Wrestling Cartel (PA), International Wrestling Federation (AZ), International Wrestling Syndicate (Canada), IWA Deep South (TN), IWA Mid-South (IN), Jersey All Pro Wrestling (NJ/NY), Juggalo Championship Wrestling, Kamikaze Pro (England), Limitless Wrestling (ME), Lone Star Championship Wrestling (TX), Lucha Underground, Lucha VaVoom (CA), Mach One Pro Wrestling (CA), Maryland Championship Wrestling (MD), Maverick Pro Wrestling (CA), Mayhem Wrestling Entertainment (CA), Metroplex Wrestling (TX), MEXPRO Wrestling (CA), Millenium Pro Wrestling (CA), New Japan Pro Wrestling (Japan), New Wave Pro Wrestling (CA), New York Wrestling Coinnection (NY), Next Generation Wrestling (TN), North American Wrestling (CA), North Shore Pro Wrestling (Canada), NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood (CA), NWA Midwest (IN), NWA Pro Wrestling (CA), NWA Vendetta Pro Wrestling (CA/NV), Outback Championship Wrestling (Australia), Over The Top Wrestling (Ireland), Pacific Coast Wrestling (CA), Paragon Pro Wrestling (NV), Plymouth Wrestling Association (England), Premiere Wrestling Xperience (NC), Pro Wrestling 2.0 (FL), Pro Wrestling Bushido (CA), Pro Wrestling Chaos (England), Pro Wrestling Coalition (CA), Pro Wrestling Explosion (NJ), Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (CA), Pro Wrestling King (IN), Pro Wrestling Magic (NJ), Pro Wrestling Pride (England), Pro Wrestling Resurgence (IL), Pro Wrestling Revolution (CA), Pro Wrestling Revolver (IA), Pro Wrestling RIOT (FL), Queens of Combat (NC), Queensland Wrestling Alliance (Australia), Quintessential Pro Wrestling (CA), Revolution Pro Wrestling (CA), Ring Ka King (India), Rising Phoenix Wrestling (AZ), Rockstar Pro Wrestling (OH), Ronin Pro Wrestling (FL), Sacramento Wrestling Federation (CA), Santino Bros. Wrestling (CA), Smash Wrestling (Canada), SoCal Pro Wrestling (CA), Southside Wrestling Entertainment (England), Squared Circle Wrestling (NY), Strong Style Wrestling (IN), Supreme Pro Wrestling (CA), The CRASH (Mexico), Ultimate Pro Wrestling (CA), United Wrestling Federation (MD/PA), Vendetta Pro Wrestling (CA/NV), VIP Wrestling (TX), Viva La Lucha! (Mexico), West Coast Wrestling Connection (CA/OR), Westside Xtreme Wrestling (Germany), WhatCulture Pro Wrestling (England), Wild West Championship Wrestling (AZ), WildKat Pro Wrestling (LA), Women Superstars Uncensored (NJ), World Class Wrestling Alliance (CA), World Power Wrestling (CA), WrestleCircus (TX), WrestlePro (NJ), Wrestling Cares Association (CA), Wrestling For Charity (CA), Wrestling Society X (CA), Wrestling's Best of the West (CA), Xcite Wrestling (NY), Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling (MI), Xtreme Pro Wrestling (CA)

Finisher: Sweet Tooth Music (Superkick, preceded by putting a lollipop in the opponent's mouth)

Signature Moves: Nuff Said (Crossface Chickenwing), Mustache Ride (Swinging Neckbreaker), Boobplex, Crotch Flip, Urange, Northern Lights Suplex


Career Highlights: -ACW Open Heavyweight Champion
-ATTACK! 24:7 Champion
-AWS Tag Team Champion (2x; both w/ Scott Lost)
-ComPro Oklahoma X Division Champion
-CWA Tag Team Champion (w/ Scott Lost)
-CWFH Heritage Tag Team Champion (w/ Ryan Taylor)
-CWFH International Television Champion (2x)
-DREAMWAVE Tag Team Champion (w/ Candice LeRae)
-EPIC WAR Champion
-EWF Champion
-FSP Tag Team Champion (w/ Candice LeRae)
-Intergalatic Tag Team Champion (w/ Joey Ryan's Penis)
-DDT Ironman Heavymetalweight Champion (44x)
-IWL Anarchy Champion
-NWA World Tag Team Champion (w/ Karl Anderson)
-PCW Champion
-PCW MAXimum Champion
-PCW Tag Team Champion (w/ Scott Lost)
-PPW Champion
-PWB Television Champion
-PWG Champion
-PWG Tag Team Champion (4x; 3 w/ Scott Lost, 1 w/ Candice LeRae)
-PWM Dark Arts Champion
-PWR Scramble Champion
-QWA Global Champion
-WC Sideshow Champion (4x)
-WCWA California Champion
-WCWA Tag Team Champion (w/ Scott Lost)
-WCWC Legacy Champion
-WPW Cruiserweight Champion
-WPW Hardcore Champion
-WPW Tag Team Champion (w/ Scott Lost)

Affiliates: Sid Shadow, Stitches, Tony Broadway, Brian Rufio, Scott Lost, Johnny Goodtime, Karl Anderson, Kenny King, Disco Machine, Arrogance, The Dynasty, The Elite, Prince Nana, The Embassy, Stu Stone, The Family Stone, The Happening, Vermin, X-Foundation, Trisha LaFache, C. Edward Vander Pyle, SoCal Val, Candice LeRae, Joey Ryan's Penis, Ryan Taylor, Kevin Martenson, Scorpio Sky

Notable Feuds: T. J. Perkins, Kevin Martenson, The Young Bucks, Scorpio Sky, Human Tornado, Willie Mack, Zokre, B-Boy, Phoenix Star

Other Facts: -Husband of pro wrestler Laura James. He proposed to her in February 2016 during their Intergender Match at Finest City Wrestling in San Diego, CA. After she said yes, he then rolled her up in a small package for the pinfall victory.
-Former member of Arrogance
-Former member of The Dynasty
-Former member of The Elite
-Former member of The Embassy
-Former member of The Family Stone
-Former member of The Happening
-Former member of Vermin
-Former member of X-Foundation
-Former member of The Thrillas
-Played Mr. Monopoly in an episode of the Netflix series "GLOW"
-Appeared in the music video for The Mountain Goats song, "The Legend of Chavo Guerrero" in 2015
-Ranked #288 in the 2006 PWI 500
-Ranked #224 in the 2007 PWI 500
-Ranked #183 in the 2008 PWI 500
-Ranked #175 in the 2009 PWI 500
-Ranked #171 in the 2010 PWI 500
-Ranked #278 in the 2011 PWI 500
-Ranked #266 in the 2012 PWI 500
-Ranked #138 in the 2013 PWI 500
-Ranked #261 in the 2014 PWI 500
-Ranked #223 in the 2015 PWI 500
-Ranked #158 in the 2016 PWI 500
-Ranked #141 in the 2017 PWI 500

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Joey Ryan

Oklahoma X Division Champion
Joey Ryan

  • Heavyweight Champion: Michael Wolf
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