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Spirit Squad

Spirit Squad

Members: Kenny [1st] & Mikey [1st]

Pro Debut: 2006

Combined Weight: 480 lbs.

Feds Worked For: ComPro, IWR, ROH, WWE, Beyond Wrestling (MA), Big Time Wrestling, Blitzkrieg Pro (CT), Boston Wrestling (MA), Brian Kendricís Wrestling Pro Wrestling (CA), Chaotic Wrestling (MA), CHIKARA, Fighting Evolution Wrestling (FL), Five Boroughs Wrestling (NY), House of Hardcore, Kamikaze Pro (England), New York Wrestling Connection (NY), NWA New Jersey (NJ), Ohio Valley Wrestling (KY), Preston City Wrestling (England), Revolution Pro Wrestling (England), Showcase Pro Wrestling (MA), Southside Wrestling Entertainment (England), The Dynasty (NY), Truly Independent Wrestling (MA), Warriors of Wrestling (NY), Westside Xtreme Wrestling (Canada), Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling (MI), Xtreme Wrestling Alliance (RI)


Career Highlights: -ComPro Tag Team Champions
-PCW Tag Team Champions
-NYWC Tag Team Champions
-WWE World Tag Team Champions (w/ Johnny, Mitch, and Nicky [as a 5-man team])

Affiliates: Johnny, Mitch, Nicky

Notable Feuds: D-Generation X, The Highlanders

Other Facts: -Sometimes known as The Squad or The Squad World Order due to copyright issues with WWE
-Kenny & Mikey still wrestle as The Spirit Squad (or The Squad) on the independent circuit. Johnny, Mitch, and Nicky were members of the group only in Ohio Valley Wrestling and WWE.

Supplemental Information

Most Active Members

  • Striker
  • Michael York
  • The Mayne Event
  • cphs_sweethearts
  • Talon

Current Champions

Native American Wrestling

Dusty Gold

Heavyweight Champion
Dusty Gold

  • Tag Team Champions: Big Smooth & Zakk Sinizter

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