Jul 25th 2017 03:34pm

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Resistance Current WFC Tag Team Champions

Members: Skyler Fayden & Wesley Crane

Pro Debut: February 18, 2017

Feds Worked For: BPPW, IZW, UWE, WFC


Career Highlights: -WFC Tag Team Champions

Notable Feuds: Nemesis

Other Facts: -Although they have tagged in BPPW, IZW, WFC and UWE, they have not used The Resistance as a team name in UWE

Supplemental Information

Most Active Members

  • Striker
  • Michael York
  • The Mayne Event
  • cphs_sweethearts
  • Talon

Current Champions

Wrestling For a Cause


Tag Team Champions

  • Heavyweight Champion: Mr. Nasty
  • Hometown Heroes Champion: Prince Mahalli

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