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Chandler Hopkins

Chandler Hopkins Current IWR Revolutionary Champion

Nickname: The Truth

Height: 6' 1"

Weight: 185 lbs.

From: Amarillo, TX

Birthday: Jun 13th

Pro Debut: Sep 2016

Aliases: Billy "Skid" Marks

Feds Worked For: IZW, IWR, TAZW, High Risk Wrestling (MO), Metroplex Wrestling (TX), Revolution Wrestling Entertainment (KS), Xtreme Wrestling Entertainment (KS)

Finisher: The Truth Factor

Signature Moves: Spinning Facebreaker, Flying elbow in the corner/snap suplex/Falcon Arrow


Career Highlights: -IWR Revolutionary Champion
-MPX Tag Team Champion (w/ Cody Dickson)

Affiliates: Cody Dickson, Sunny

Notable Feuds: Malico

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