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Mikey Current BCW Heavyweight Champion

Nickname: Mad

Height: 6' 3"

Weight: 225lbs.

From: Happy, TX

Birthday: Jul 15th

Aliases: Mike Payne

Feds Worked For: BCW, EmpCW, MSWA, Buzzsaw Wrestling Alliance (TX), Freestyle Championship Wrestling (TX), New Era Wrestling (TX), Old School Wrestling (TX), RISE (TX), Shotgun Wrestling Alliance (TX), South Central Wrestling (TX), South Plans Championship Wrestling (TX), Squared Circle Pro (TX), Unchained Championship Wrestling Entertainment (TX), West Texas Championship Wrestling (TX), World Class 2000 Wrestling (TX), World Revolutions Entertainment (AR)

Finisher: Clothesline from your Imagination, Sawyer Powerslam, Fall From Happytown (Widowmaker)

Signature Moves: Fart, Biel Throw, Headlock Drop


Career Highlights: -BCW Champion
-OSW Tag Team Champion (w/ Loco the Midget)
-South Central Wrestling Hardcore Champion
-UCWE All American Champion
-UCWE Champion (3x)
-WTCW Hardcore Champion (2x)
-WTCW Tag Team Champion (3x) (w/ Atomic Punk)
-WTCW Heavyweight Champion (2x)

Affiliates: Loco the Midget, Atomic Punk, Father Padge, Terry Pantera, Pittbull/Keith Crawford

Notable Feuds: Father Padge, Brad Sanders, Equalizer

Other Facts: -Carries a teddy bear to the ring named Fred

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