Aug 18th 2017 07:55am

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Phoebe Current MSWA Ladies Champion

Nickname: The San Francisco Treat

From: The Summer of '69

Birthday: Feb 4th

Pro Debut: April 29, 2016

Feds Worked For: ASP, ComPro, EMWF, IWR, IZW, MSWA, PWTV, UWE, Rebellion Wrestling Federation (IL), River City Wrestling (TX), Sabotage Wrestling (TX)


Career Highlights: -MSWA Mid-South Ladies Champion

Affiliates: Killista

Notable Feuds: Taylor K

Other Facts: -Although she is announced as hailing from The Summer of '69, she is actually from San Francisco, CA
-Voted Match of the Year (Aug 26: vs. Skylar Slice vs. Killista in a Triple Threat Ladder Match) in the 2016 Oklafan Year-End Awards

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