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Members: Samedi, Rob Cabella, Luke Grayson, Shawn Shields

Pro Debut: 2016

Feds Worked For: BPPW, ComPro


Career Highlights: -BPPW Oklahoma Tag Team Champions (2x; 1 each w/ Cabella & Samedi and Cabella & Shields)
-ComPro Tag Team Champions (Cabella & Samedi)

Affiliates: Chelsea, D'Licious, Glama, Rachel Starz, Pierce, Inc.

Notable Feuds: Team Dean Machine

Other Facts: -Not to be confused with the Texas based tag team of the same name
-Samedi and Cabella first tagged as Legion on May 20, 2016 but the faction was formed prior to that date.
-Grayson joined on June 24, 2016. He was only a member in the ComPro version.
-Shields joined on May 19, 2017. He is only a member in the BPPW version.
-Current members of Pierce, Inc.

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Current Champions

Mid South Wrestling Alliance

Cub Scouts

Mid-South Tag Team Champion
Cub Scouts

  • Mid-South Heavyweight Champion: C. J. Ward
  • Oklahoma Champion: Dean Lambert
  • Mid-South Cruiserweight Champion: Gemini [2nd]
  • Ladies Champion: Phoebe