Nov 21st 2017 01:06pm

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Nytronis A'Teo

Nytronis A'Teo

Nickname: The Savage Islander; The Samoan Predator

From: The Isle of Samoa

Birthday: Dec 9th

Aliases: The Samoan Predator

Feds Worked For: IWR, MSWA, TAZW, Central Wrestling Promotions of Texas (TX), Texas Independent Wrestling Federation (TX)


Career Highlights: -CWPT Champion
-IWR Tag Team Champion (w/ MVP, D Money, Montego Seeka & Marce Lewis [as a 5-man team])
-MSWA Mid South Tag Team Champion (by himself)
-TAZW Champion

Affiliates: The Terror Squad, C. M. Burnham

Other Facts: -Former member of The Terror Squad
-Voted Feud of the Year (as part of the Terror Squad vs. The House of Atticus) in the 2015 IWR Year-End Awards

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